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Tell Us About Yourself:

Oh man, so much to say. I am Yet Another Twink. This page is as an extension of my Twitter persona which I started as a means to explore and express myself sexually. I had been dabbling with exhibitionism online and showing off my body for a little while now, making several different accounts on different platforms and forums, but I never really kept, but one day I got the urge again and opened a Twitter and Tumblr account under this moniker in December (a cheeky poke at how I'm just a faceless account and therefore lost in a sea of twinks showing off their dicks and asses ?). Coincedentally this was around the same time when Tumblr announced it's porn ban so I left my Tumblr account alone and just posted on Twitter (I always liked Twitter better for porn anyway). Funny enough guys started following my account, and within about a month and a half I had over 3000 followers. I also was able to meet and film with some amazing models (all of whom encouraged me to open up this page). I honestly don't consider myself a real porn model, I just pretend to be one online ?, I'm just a guy who is really horny and loves sex. I'm not that great at creating fantasy, so I just try to show you authentically what I'm like sexually. Yeah there's edits and stuff for some videos, but the guys I shoot with I genuinely am attracted to and have a great time with, I'm bad at acting haha! Outside of porn I really love video games, reading, working out, and pop music. Talk to me about Resident Evil, or about my thoughts on how some of Galantis's members wrote on Toxic by Britney Spears! :)

What can people expect on your page?

Expect lots of my relatively big dick, big cumshots, and joining me on my sexual journey. You'll be seeing a lot of "firsts" for me, whether it's my first barebacked hookup, my first time doing a threesome, first time wearing a harness. I'm pretty green still to my sexuality, so I'm learning more and more each day ? Feel free to join if you want to see all of that, I'd appreciate it :)

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