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Tell Us About Yourself:

We are a couple: I'm a dominant Daddy and I post togethet with my younger submissive jock boyfriend. I love showing off my big dick, and my boy loves when I show him off too. He's got a smooth muscled body, and the most perfect ass. We both have an exhibitionist streak, so we’d been thinking about starting an JustForFans page for a while. We finally decided that we could really use the extra money so we took the plunge. I’m so glad we did, cause now I get so turned on showing off my boy’s hot body and my big dick. Knowing that our fans are getting off to our videos makes sex that much hotter.

What can people expect on your page?

You'll see videos of our sex life up close and personal. I tend to be a little rough with my boy, but I can be tender as well. You'll see videos of me using him whenever and however I want-- at home, outdoors, or with a friend. We’re amateurs, but we do our best to create hot content. I would say our style is light-hearted but hot. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we like to be adventurous in our sex lives. Our relationship has a dom-sub dynamic to it. I tie him up, fuck him rough, and use him however I want to get off. He loves being my personal cumdump, so even when he’s in pain, you can tell he’s loving it. We like to be adventurous: outdoor/public sex, hookups with other guys, etc.

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