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    Brock is 22 year old from Dallas, Texas that calls himself a little spaz. Brock is a straight boy that has just started in the world of dancing at the clubs in the heart of TX. Brock is totally open to having a good time and if that means getting naked for the guys, he's down. Brock said he had never jacked off outside so we sat him on the porch and set up the equipment and chatted with him for a while before we shut up and let him go at it. At first, Brock thought he was still on stage swinging it for some bills but after a while, he settled in to the task at hand. Brock took of his shirt revealing a nice meaty chest and two massive tatts covering both shoulders and arms. He has naturally smooth body and definitely a fat cock that's worthy of a look. Brock started smacking his cock so he could get the blood flowing and then he teased us with it for a while before he grabbed his shaft and got serious. Brock was getting close to blowing his load, so he sat down in the chair and leaned back and started cranking hard as sweat rolled down his chest and stomach. Brock said "it's cumming" just as he load shot up to his shoulder leaving a stream down the full length of his smooth torso. Make sure you stay turned to the end of the video so that you can get a good look at Brock's audience for this video.

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