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Tell Us About Yourself:

I am an artist that treasures freedom. I get off on being watched, I am a nudist wherever I can be. I enjoy Masturbating in nature and in public. I usually masturbate about 4 times a day. I Take my fitness seriously and enjoy dancing and performing as my main cardio along with daily hikes. I Love to travel and meet new people, although I truly enjoy being alone the most. Sexually I am dominant and call the shots, I prefer to top but occasionaly bottom if the vibe is right. I created this page to break free of societies sexual hangups, and to share my sexual energy with a community. I also created this page to fund my artistic projects. I produce music, videos, paintings, fashion, and events. I am also an expert certified yoga Guru and instructor. Enjoy yourself :)

What can people expect on your page?

I love to post masturbation videos in nature and in public. I get off to the possibility of getting caught and enjoy releasing my sexual energy while surrounded by nature. I also post naked yoga sessions and naked dancing videos. I am extremely particular sexually but when I do find guys that are my vibe I will post those videos on this page as well. I love sexy underwear and will be offering, them for sale on my store soon. I am constantly improving at my filming and performance, so tune in an and enjoy the show :)

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