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    May 28, 2020, 9:59 am (Subscribers) | Report

    For my Adidas Samba fans... Something about these old kicks gets me going every time, and for me every chance to play in them is new and special. I've posted a lot of vids in these Adidas, but always get requests for more. Let me know what you like about them! 😈


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Tell Us About Yourself:

Hey! I’m Daniel, and I am really into flooded cranking old cars and trucks. There is nothing like punishing a flooded engine, feeding it way too much gas, and making it suffer... The combination of the car shaking, the engine begging to start, the air filling with unspent fuel really turns me on. I created my JFF page to share this interest with my fans, and so I wouldn’t have to worry about the content restrictions on YouTube. I chose this platform specifically because it allows models to chat with subscribers and has features which will help me safely branch out into XXX videos - combining my pedal pumping fetish with jacking off in carb’d cars and trucks!

What can people expect on your page?

I have three kinds of content: (1) Crank and jerk videos, featuring me in my own car and in friends old cars and trucks. (2) Cum dump videos, where I blow loads in and on my shoes and boots while watching pedal pumping videos. (3) My entire YouTube video archive which features around 300 videos, all made available for 24x7 Streaming. I also offer sales of my video clips from time to time, as well as a chance for my fans to buy my old shoes and boots!

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