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    July 3, 2020, 7:00 am (Subscribers) | Report

    This is one hell of a handsome local boy and I got to inseminate him!! I’m such a lucky Daddy.

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Tell Us About Yourself:

Hi, I'm Pete Masters, and I'm very new to JFF. I've been an escort for a few years now and, to be frank, the main idea behind this was to promote my escorting. However, in my first week I've already had 20 subscribers so now I can see this needs to be a bit more of a priority than I anticipated! One thing I'm always loathe to do is let people down. I'm not everyone's cup of tea of course, and my idea of what people want isn't always the same as theirs, but I pride myself on trying to guess - or ask, where possible. And being Australian, I'm pretty up front and honest about delivering too - don't expect me to do anything if my heart isn't in it, cos I always think it shows. I've seen enough bad porn to know that! So do tell me what you like or what else you'd like to see and hopefully I can deliver. Don't be afraid to hit the 'like' button, as I use it to guide what I post. Last year I was approached by Treasure Island, probably my all-time fave porn company, to shoot a professional vid. I know plenty of porn stars and sought their advice but to my great relief it was not only easy but brilliant fun! Credit where it's due, the two camera guys were down to earth, encouraging and professional and my bottom boy was truly amazing! It's due out soon. I was asked to do two more but couldn't due to work commitments. Yes, I'm a proper professional suit-and-tie management consultant too. I love my day job cos it comes naturally to me, being a very organised and dominant person, and I work from home luckily. I've just been asked to shoot a scene for HungYoungBrit too, probably my other fave besides TIM, so I've been bloody lucky am and well excited. So yeah, I'm a porn star now too! And if you're in London at any point and wanna try me out for real, in person, my details are on my website Pretty much everything you could want to know is on there so have a good look and almost all your questions should be answered there. I hope to be able to meet some of you soon!

What can people expect on your page?

As you'll notice, I love Daddy/boy, glory holes, being a dom top and playing ruthlessly with other guys' cocks. Age and type aren't a thing for me and I love all types. I also love making vids l and I've been making them even before the first vidphones were released. And luckily over the years I've had quite a few guys who were keen to make vids and agreed to share them,. So I have a pretty huge back catalogue which I'm still sorting through. You'll see many of them over time. And since I've told some of my fuck buddies that I'm doing JFF, about a dozen have already agreed to make vids with me,. So I'm gonna be a busy boy in the next few weeks and months!! I'm re-learning how to edit with the basic tools I have, and trying to work out if it's best to edit together different angles in real time, like an old fashioned porno, or just tack one full vid from one angle on after the other full vid from another angle - effectively 2 vids of the same thing, one after the other. Your advice would be appreciated! One thing I know is I don't wanna make it too 'professional' cos personally I like amateur stuff which shows what real people really do. Thus my taste in porn - TIM and HYB which are shot in real time with minimal/no editing and are spontaneous and relaxed. That's how it should be. Already a couple of shags have asked "where's your tripod?" and I tell them it's a distraction so I just place the cams discreetly so we can just go for it, unhindered and completely natural. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my vids and pics. Most are Daddy/boy or glory hole vids, simply cos they're the ones I can share. Older guys don't allow me to share their stuff; it's clearly a generational bit of nonsense going on there. I truly admire the attitude of Gen Z boys, their attitude to sex and sexuality is the perfect balance of careful, creative and relaxed. But I have a few more millenials lined up to address that artificial balance soon. So enjoy!

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