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Tell Us About Yourself:

You may know me as Nosebleed Fitz but on this site you can call me B ?. I'm 18, currently living in the North West of England. When I'm not creating hot content for my subscribers you can find me making music, socially networking or chilling with my friends / my man! I studied Music production & Technology at college as it has always been my plan to independently make space for myself in entertainment industry, preferably as an artists & producer (where I'm currently at) however I'm also interested in taking an music, theatre & live events management course at uni. Long story short - I'm an absolute boss with a cute face & hot body ?????. I decided to create a page here because I love doing sex work however it's unstable income so I expanded my work onto multiple sites (this being one of them). I like this site though - I use JustForFans to post ALL my content rather than teasers with prices, so I think you'll enjoy what you see on my page. I'm a bottom / switch, meaning I'm a cute submissive twink with a dominant, hardcore side that comes out a little too often... I can't have a fat, juicy cock and just be a bottom?! Despite being hung, I like to workout and keep my booty ready for whoever or whatever comes my way ;) You can't let me enjoy my handsfree prostate orgasms alone can you? :( Unfiltered, unbothered and hot as fuck... What else could you ask for?

What can people expect on your page?

I mainly make solo content. This includes multiple ass play toys (dildos, plugs, prostate vibrators etc), cock rings, jerk off vids, prostate orgasm vids, pre-cum vids, fetish requests, piss fetish, feet pics / vids, different locations, public and BF content. I don't see my boyfriend too often as he lives out of town but I sure take him for a ride when I see him, why don't you come and watch? ? You should join my page if you want to watch the journey of a cute 18 y/o twink exploring all the different corners of their sexual. I'm excited to document my sex life without filters or censors, just as pure and raw as it is for me, so that you can enjoy it with me! It would be rude not to share a body like this...?

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