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Kinky Asian gay interested in ruined orgasm, handsfree cum, bdsm, chastity, bondage and more. I love showing off, and I want people to get horny by my contents :p

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In general, I upload a solo picture or video 3-4 times a week. The video is uploaded at least once a week. If you subscribe my page, you can see: Jerk off, Handsfree cum, Chastity cum, Anal play, Public exhibition and more. I get requests, too :)

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Got to link up w @only_sinn this time I was ON TOP

another easy no-edit OBS STUDIO vid XD something easy and thoughtful to push out ......and all without editing 2020-09-19 08-12-40 (( 4th morning fuck weekend (dildo fuck) in a row, OKAY - fair by me... )) .mp4

Solo #5 Edging and Jerking video, two loads for you!

RETURN OF SF PUNISHER--Daddy had a chance to hook up with @SFPunisher at his new place.  It wasn't a fancy video production, but it was a good fucking boning!  Give Daddy a big ❤️if you like the video!

I never trust it “just” going to be a shower with @collegebro4you

Stripping down and taking a shower with @grgisthewerd . I just couldn’t resist that booty of his. Like this post if you want to shower with me too .

sucking young black top long and deep - full video

Jr Romero decided to take a trip down to Florida toJacob Woods for the first time...Romero gives dick like a champion and Jacob shows off his flexibility and how well he takes dick! Oh wait is that Romero hopping on Jacob's dick?I guess he couldn't resist. @hairyedude @JacobWoodsXXX

FREE PREVIEWSTUDFISTSexy guy Ace Stallion came to town to hang out at the beach and celebrate his birthday. Little did he know he was in for the the best gift ever - A FULL HOLE STRETCH with Cory Jay!

Went over to a friends house and @onlyraw4yohn answered the door. The attraction was instant and this was happening literally minutes later. Damn this dude was a lot of fun! I'm hoping toup with him soon for a longer session ;-) #amateur #bear #caucasian #daddy #duo #furry #gay #hairy #pov #onlyraw4yohn #BradLogan

Hard passionate wood land fuck with @JamesDe65705638. Not normally a spurter but as he slaps ass my #cum flies. Hope you enjoy it as much as the blokes watching!

Car Jack! A friend told me about a cruisey park near his place and I had to check it out. Found a good spot to park my car and show off a couple orgasms for a bud. A good day ;)


Jepoy & VeXeR Collab PART 2 (KANTOT / FUCK VIDEO)

Made to chock on a Hung Twinks fat cock. Skull fucked relentlessly till my throat self lubes. It’s what my mouth was made for to suck big thick dick.

In honor of Yosemite and the Sierra burning, throwback to sunnier days of #ecosexual #masturbation in the #wilderness. This is 7 miles of hiking up from Yosemite Valley.

Part 1 of my Flip fucking fur fun with Morgan Thixcke We had to turn the A/C halfway through cause we both started overheating from pure testosterone sweat dripping on each other Click 'LIKE' if you love watching us got at it! ;-)

Fucking pup Rascal...

Now for a new side of me you normally don't see. Here's me being a submissive jobber. Hope you all enjoy, and if you'd like to see more let me know.

I was a bit naughty 😈 so enjoy this POV. ~ Micky

begging cum on my knees in the Milan wood.. enjoy your slut 💦

Soaking Saturday 💦💦💦💦😈

Video: “The moving” (TEASER) I asked a man to help me out with the moving and he ended fucking me…;}) (Tu watch full length video, 20 minutes; subscribe to @kryz_xxx with a 50% off = $4.90 USD for 30 days) Video: "La sorpresa" (PROBADA) Le pedí a un hombre que me ayudara con la mudanza y terminó follándome…;}) (Para ver el video completo, 20 minutos; suscríbete a @kryz_xxx con 50% desc. = $4.90 USD por 30 días)

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I blew the dust off my old fleshlight and got him back on my cock again. Felt like old times until I switched it up a little. I much preferred fucking the sleeve without the casing. I'll definitely try this again...and on my hubby. I hope you enjoy it... send me your cum shot! #stressreliever #expressyourself #splattered #makingmorecum #fleshlight #playwithdaddy #putyourmouthhere #lowhangers

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Play8ing with my big dick and flexing my huge muscles naked. Subscribe now for over 160+ exclusive #muscle and uncensored videos.

3 Sum Series, Episode 4: Wrecking Hunter Smith’s Hole🍆🍆🍑

“Please load me up Daddy” 😈 Love hearing @BroDiSparks begging for my Daddy seed 💦💦💦

Young Marshall fucked me (Part 2). Felt so good.

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Double shots & double fist with amazing @Erebo123

Ladies And Gentlemen,     FITZ FORSTER’S BOUND 2 EDGE DEBUT!    Coming Soon!    

@hugeblk & @ooogPeach tag team @RyanSpadexxx in ATLANTA hotel....Ryan devours two hot loads!

Cakes on the menu

Brown monk straps 👣 #gay #gayfeet #malefeet #dudefeet #guyfeet #jockfeet #manfeet #boyfeet #gayfootfetish #gayfootworship #feet

PREVIEW: Part 3 of 4 of #Horse #Hung Knights of #Cock more. Enjoy all the #Raw #Rough #Donkeydick #Riding. FULL LENGTH SCENE will be available Friday 09/25/19

Last night I took a load, here's me pushing it out

Cali dick down!🍆Thanx for watching, hope you all enjoy!😘

Our winner got his winning and send us a proof right from a fitting room!

Happy Saturday! Here’s Part 3 of Boy Balls on Dad’s Bicep “Dariusz’s Turn” watch as this Dog turns the tables on Mr. Wolf and returns some of that gift, he’d just giving me! Look for more FFun with the two of us and our growing circle of FFriends.

OUTDOOR SEX: I met a hung Daddy in the Meat Rack on Fire Island yesterday. He want to fuck outdoors and whore out my fuzzy boy hole. Two others fucked me plus I blew two guys that fed me their loads. Here is the video of last guy breeding me and using the other two loads as lube! Enjoy!😈🐷 #raw #cum #outdoorsex #daddy #jockstrap

I love to see how the cocks enter my ass ... this cock that fucks me I love it makes me very horny

breeding my small asian twink

Trying out a new dido with a popperbate. Some piss play too.

Exclusive premiere:"cockcentric meditation 17-the power of precum" 2020. Greetings! We begin todays session observing my untouched throbbing cock produce copious amounts of precum on my leg. I lead our meditation by celebrating the power of our cocks to do so much without touching them as we watch my penis drip more and more clear juice. Then it is time to touch and stroke our penises together as I urge you to bask in the sensations and to ejaculate as you wish. Thank you for joining me in this experiment in maximizing the pleasure that Cock brings to us all.

Got @Arthurink in sling and fingered him till he busted load all over him @scallysex @New_gaywanking @theQueerPig

another hot session !!!

@NYseedXXX presents @justicexxx404 @AnthonyGreyXXX & @Q_Wrexxx Super hot threesome with three hot guys busting!

2nd part with this hot puppy/daddy, pounded him so hard that he made a huge mess with cum everywhere! # #asian #asiantop #domtop #whitebottom #asianonwhite #bareback #cumshot #humiliation #interracial #domination #BDSM #fetish #nippleplay

Sorry i was very busy, i'm currently looking for a flat in the capital. I need to move far from my countryside tohot boy and finally get my hole filled !This is a fetish gear video, it's the part one, because it's long for this platform :D !

A bit of Parrilla fun time! LIVE ACTION VIDEO TIMESo I've had all this stuff for hard play for a while now, and it's sat around waiting for the 'right' time. But then Covid happened and screwed over some nutbusting dates I had set. And after 6 months of waiting for playtime I finally decided I'd had enough of waiting and wanted to give some of my toys a try.Now .. to clarify .. what you're about to see I do NOT recommend anyone try. I'm a sado/masochistic nutcase so I kinda know what I'm doing, especially to myself .. and this isn't my first time. But it's VERY easy to hurt yourself bad if you make a wrong move. So .. be warned, this is hard play and I'm well practiced at it. So, I used my Screamlabs MK1 electro unit to power all this. With one electrode attached to the bed spring (which you can see the jumper cable attached behind my right hand to the bed), and then copper wire wrapped around my nuts (which yes .. they are pumped) .. and to which the second jumper cable is attached to underneath the bed as the wires from my balls trail through the bed spring. This was to make sure the second electrode didn't contact the bed spring itself .. otherwise this breaks the connection.And as you'll see .. I didn't go easy on myself. Just when you think I'm about to turn it down .. I turn it up :D Can't say I don't put out for you all.This was 1am in my apartment so I really couldn't make too much noise. And I think you can clearly see I'm stifling a scream. The sensation was really awesome. MY ass, thighs, hamstrings, lower abs were convulsing like crazy and my balls felt it the most .. a most delightful but HEAVY buzz that really did hurt as the level went higher. It sent a shock right up my cock too .. right to the tip, which I don't personally find pleasant (that's half the reason I'm not hard in this vid), but I soldiered on through anyways.So, I hope you enjoy this. And I hope to bring you a proper video sometime in the future of this being used on me by a proper top.Sparkie

Breeding That #HungTaiwaneseBottom

*Part 1* The cute, big dicked twink @centuryclubslut came round!, I just could not stop kissing his cute face till I saw his big dick getting harder, sucking it deep before he fingered me hard working me up before he fucked me... raw on the sofa!!'😈😈

I think it’s time to tell you what people are saying behind your back @KittenBearxxx and @fitfurryfox … “Nice ass!” 🍑 Threesome with my boys @KittenBearxxx Part 2-2🎥

Rub your face in my juicy rose

This twink woke up especially horny today #latino #brokestr8guy

BIRTHDAY BJ Just as I got out of work I got a text from this BEAUTIFUL boy asking if I'd give him a blowjob. He said it was a long drive but he had been watching my video ads on twitter and wanted to treat himself for his 21'st birthday. He'd saved up his loads all week in anticipation, and he really wanted ME to be the one to get it all! Wow! What an honor! Beautiful ass, thighs, cock... simply amazing! #BirthdayBJ, #uncut, #Foreskin, #jock #GloryHole, #BlowJob, #SACA, #Leche, #DeepThroat, #cock, #gay, #Verga, #White, #Hung, #Schwanz, #muscle, #Cazzo, #head, #ORAL, #fellatio, #mamer, #Polla

Do you like my new tshirt?

#BTS I enjoy being in bed w/ beautiful men & I had such an amazing time w/couple Carter Dane & @alex_mecum shooting for CockyBoys that we went on and on and on...

Local straight 29yo tradie with a great ginger cock.

Punching and fisting my newly tattooed cunt

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The secret to a good night's sleep? Swallowing cum from your sweetheart crush before bed @samrobsonvids 想睡個好覺?那睡前要吞他的汁。