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Tell Us About Yourself:

I am CØACH. I'm a cock edger, milker and cum control Coach based in Atlanta, GA. I have been milking men for the better part of a decade and as they say, practice makes perfect! I first got into milking to provide a service for men, of all orientations, so that they could experience the best orgasms they possibly could. That is still my mission statement, almost 9 years later. I decided to create a JustFor.Fans page so that I could share videos of my work with a bigger audience and monetize my videos to support my milking journey. My filming style has improved immensely since I first started and I'm really honing my craft as both a milker and videographer.

What can people expect on your page?

Members of JFF should expect some of the best cock edging, milking and toy play action they've ever seen. I strive to show different HOT angles with all of my new content - pictures and videos - to give members the best visual experience and stimulation ... I want them to feel as if they are in the room with us! I'm a bit different than the usual model in that instead of anal/oral sex I am focusing on the cock and the incredible pleasure it gets from my handwork. I take my bulls and viewers on an exciting, erotics journey they can't get anywhere else. Members will love my HD videos as I show off the best views of my bulls and make sure they get that immersive experience. I work with incredibly hot bulls and share a bit more info than most so that my fans get to know the man behind the penis!

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