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  • Spreading Nick's hole while he gives me a hand with my cock! 

    My playmate Nick Winters helps my jerk off with my favorite flesh jack, later I spread his tiny tight hole and bathe his boy pussy with my tongue. I love eating ass so much! I want to make every boy tremble and shake with pleasure when I lick them from the inside out. You should try it sometime! Lick lick!

    Fuck hard. Love Harder. 

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  • Just a little taste.

    New Duo Partner 
    Liam Cuming Soon!

    So I found this Grindr boy "curiously" looking to escape his girlfriend for the weekend and gain some experience taking some dick.

    Advertising "experience appreciated but not required" in my profile, I jumped at the chance to test drive a Pan-curious twink for the weekend.

    To call it a drive is an massive understatement. I guess we took the long way home as this hot little hook up turned into a 3 day fucktardery.

    As it turns out we (and by we I mean me) put him on the acceleration course of virgin to power bottom. Locked in a room go for the entire weekend with my dick in his ass in every possible position discovering that dick is his new reason for living.

    Monday morning rolls round and we kick it into OT and as it turns out he takes the extended weekend opportunity very seriously and goes for extra credit.

    Firstly he repeatedly ignored his girlfriend's repeated calls to find him and check on his safety. Swiping each one to the red and sending them to voicemail while I nail his dick hungry hole over and over.

    Then we spend the day doing screen testing and playing with cameras and angles. Some pro-lessons to prepare for a hot sex scene on cam. He wants it all on camera for all of you to see how dedicated is to his new dicktrine. Great way to spend a Monday!!

    He decided that the deep dick was so good he wants to become an official duo partner with a scene shoot and behind-the-scenes live video VIP backstage chat for subscribed members during the shoot. 

    He's already talking about the next few shoots that could follow and what I could do to him that would please my loyal subscribers. Good Boy! Daddy is pleased with the all in dedication of jumping in with two feet (or how those two feet look so hot as accessories for my ears.

    I have a feeling Liam is going to be a fun new scene partner. He is recently decided he's a total bottom and no longer interested in ...well anything else (at least for now).

    This hungry 19 cock dock cum condom beauty of a perv-twink wants to schedule the first shoot and live show ASAP.

    Well fuck me. I gotta get on that so I can get behind this cute twink as soon as possible and get him in front of the camera for a real shoot of course.

    In the meantime i had to grab my phone so I could share a hot POV of his adorable perky twink butt stuffed with Kevin cock and show you how he is so hungry for more.

    Enjoy this short clip as there is way more to cum with this new toy my convert straight boy turned cock slut twink. Oh I want to breed young Liam over and over so his ass flows like a tsunami of my cum when i pull out. 9 loads so far. Deep inside waiting to spill over.

    We can ask him about the girl friend status in the live chat next week. I wonder what she will make of this.

    Stay Tuned!!!

    Fuck Hard. Love Harder.

    Movie Length: 00:01:33

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