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The Best Way to follow NickFittXXX, Even if their Twitter account gets shut down



Note: if you aren't already following this model via Twitter, we will do this for you. You do not need a JFF account to do this.

What Is KeepFollowing.Me?

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KeepFollowing.Me is an app for social media (like twitter) created by the creator of this site (Dominic Ford). It's sole purpose is to update your twitter account to follow the person listed below in case his/her account gets deleted or changed. That way, you will still be following the model.

IMPORTANT: It will look like we are asking for a ton of permissions. We don't need or want them all. All we need is your twitter ID, the ability to add follows to your account and your email address in case something goes wrong. The app does nothing else, but Twitter doesn't let us ask for only those. Don't get scared by all the permissions. It will never post on your behalf or collect any information about you, whom you are following, etc... And the person you are following does not get any information about you.

For example, let's say you follow @PersonA, but suddenly his/her account is deleted from twitter. So this person creates a new account called @NewPersonA. In that case, we will automatically update your twitter account so it follows @NewPersonA. That way you never miss out on what Person A is posting. Of course, you can unfollow @NewPersonA at any time!

This is a FREE service for both you and the model.

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