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Tell Us About Yourself:

Who am i ? Well i am are 35 year old milf who have found out that i love sex and everything about it and the more and more kinky it can be the better, and yes i have a boyfriend and yes we are in a open relationship and we enjoy it. What i like to do ? i like to travel around the world and meet new people whit more fun to or not you never know :-P beside that i like special food from around the world to and win. What i like of kinky stuff ? Well i like a lot, i like group sex gang-bang, party, club, random meetings, and just fun whit out attachment, whit buy girls and couple. I like all kind of sex beside pain and blood sadly i cant turn on of that but i can do it all can i :-P i like to be a slave bitch that do as my master commands and ill do all to please him i like to be a Mistress where i can take control of you, and make you be in this world only to please me and nothings beside that. i like golden shower play i like big dildos in all my holes just to fill them out and if not big then more then one. i like sexy dress under where and costumes, where we can have some dirty fun play together. if there is something i forgot to type about just ask You can follow me on a load of social medias and fan clubs all is possible. love Kathrine

What can people expect on your page?

Well i will show my self like i am and like who i am, and show them what i do and what i do for a living but also at the same time share wit them what i do beside my work as a cam girl erotic model and full time mom.

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