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  • Joshy And Locky @joshyandlocky

    May 24, 2020, 10:16 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    I didn't get a chance to cum in the previous video below, maybe why I couldn't sl33p haha! Didn't want to wake Locky up either, so what's the best way to go to sl33p ? 💦💦💦 🤭 created a pond in my belly button LOL  - Joshy 👦🏻

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Tell Us About Yourself:

We are a married gay / bi-sexual couple from Sydney, Australia. We have been together for almost 5 years, since 2015. It all started with a swipe on Tinder, followed by a match! We were both 22 at the time and still in closet when we first started dating. Everything moved so quickly when we openly came out as gay after 1 month and moved in with each other within 3 months of dating. Then engaged after 2 years and married after 4 years. We decided to create a JustForFans page as way of elevating our relationship game. We also noticed there was a lack of interracial gay porn out there, that we could fill (pun intended!). Yes, we have been together for a while, but being honest, it does not mean we have sex all the time. This platform will hopefully push our sex life to the next level and help us discover new things we have not tried before. Yes, we could always create our own individually accounts, but life as a married couple is about sharing life experiences and growing together. We want our fans to come along onto this hot journey with us to fulfill their fantasy and have lots of fun!

What can people expect on your page?

We aim to deliver consistent quality content. As you can see from our previews, our video thumbnails are labelled by a number and a title for fast reference. You are not paying for previews for a reason, so we aim to give you reasonable length videos (anywhere from 2min-10min per video). With this subscription you are getting two guys for the price of one! This will be a dedicated gay porn channel with complete nudity and zero censorship. You will get exclusive access into our intimate sex life that will involve bareback anal sex, oral sex, hand jobs, solo videos and different kinds of fetishes. Lastly, we have been in an open relationship for about 2 years now, so you can expect potential threesomes or solo play with other guys that one of us has a connection with. We would also like to collaborate with other adult content creators in the future.

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