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  • Let me know what your thoughts were about this scene, I'm always looking for input... ya know?

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  • Tyler J Reed @xTylerJReedx

    January 9, 2019, 3:38 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    Jock studs Dylan Saunders and Orlando Ink are a match equal in body size-but it's clear from Orlando’s 9" of throbbing meat that Saunders will be the one to take it deep. Dylan immediately wraps his lips around Orlando’s semi-hard cock, and within seconds realizes his mouth is full, which only makes him moan louder and suck deeper. Orlando throws Dylan onto his stomach, parts his muscle ass and drives his tool all the way to the base. From the start, all Saunders can do is reach for something-anything-to hold onto as Orlando gives Dylan a fuck he won't forget anytime soon. Before long, Orlando has Dylan pinned face up, gagging the willing bottom with his cock as he moves all 9" down Dylan's throat. Saunders's can't hold back long and shoots his load, while still trying to get more of Orlando’s hard-on inside his open mouth. Orlando quickly follows suit, and with Dylan licking his nipples, shoots a healthy sized load onto his six-pack abs.

    Movie Length: 00:18:10
  • Here's a couple of stills while the video renders out... how long do you think I lasted before I blew my load for my coach?
    15 minutes?
    30 minutes?
    An hour?
    Comment your answer below...

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