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    November 4, 2018, 11:58 am (Subscribers) | Report

    A casual day in my mistress life...
    it's saturday night, and my horny human object begged me to come over to his flat so he can entertain and serve me. I had thought of a plan so he will not forget this evening ever again.

    I put on my soft sheer wolford fully fashioned nylon stockings carefully on my beautifully toned and waxed legs, slip on a pair of red sole Louboutin high heels and then entered my dressing room to put on a tight leather mini dress with matching leather gloves.

    A last check on my make up in the mirror, sexy red coloured lipstick and big lashes with an evil sexy smile will do for him. I put on my trenchcoat, get in my car and before starting the journey, I message him to tell him exactly how to prepare with ETA in 30 minutes!

    Upon arrival, I sense my object is getting excited.... and rang the bell. The door opens a little and I hear my object fall onto his knees. I kick open the door and see him kneeling on the floor in slave position wearing just a black tie around his neck.

    I turn the tue around his back just so I can pull him wherever I desire without him seeing anything! Slowly I put on a ski mask over his face then pulled his tie a little closer so I can stroke his face with my leather gloves. He inhales deeply and his body begins to shiver in excitement! We both know that he loves the smell of leather TBC

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