NextGen Medical - What is it?

NextGen is a health care discount plan. With it, you get free access to doctors via an online app, deep discounts on prescriptions, dental, vision and a whole lot more. This is for US Citizens only. The rest of you probably already have better health care than we do.

It is not health insurance. It's a supplemental program that provides many or more of the same benefits as expensive health care, but at a fraction of the cost. If you are a US citizen, you either have health insurance or you do not. If you don't, you are paying a tax penalty. For many, paying this penalty is a lot less expensive than having health care. But without health insurance, you have no affordable ability to see a doctor or get medicine. NextGen hopes to solve this problem.

If you don't have health insurance, joining NextGen gives you many of the benefits you would get with health insurance, but at a fraction of the cost. And if you have expensive health insurance already, this could further complement your benefits.

What does JFF have to do with this?

JustFor.Fans' mission is to empower models to live healthy, sustainable lives within our industry. That means providing models with recurring, stable incomes. It also means providing them affordable health care options. This has been our mission since day 1.

We started working with NextGen in February, while we were developing JFF. As it turns out, so was the Free Speech Coalition (FSC). What is the FSC? It's the trade organization for the Adult Industry. They fight for our rights, and help lobby congress on everything from 2257 laws to FOSTA/SESTA legislation. When I found out the FSC was also pursuing this, it seemed natural to join forces with them, as health care is an issue for our entire industry, not just models on my site. So we partnered with them and are excited to bring our models into the FSC.

What does it cost?

Depending on the level of coverage you want, NextGen costs either $10/month or $20/month. This pricing includes a membership to the Free Speech Coalition, which has its own benefits. On the FSC's page, you can see all the benefits for both options.

This is supposed to cost $15 or $25 a month, but as part of our partnership with the FSC, you get a discount because you are JFF model. All you need to do is enter the code JUSTFORFANS when you sign up on their site.

As a thank-you to our top grossing models, we are paying 100% of these costs for our top models. If we haven't reached out to you and you are a top model, please get in touch with us. Top models use our platform exclusively (no other direct competitors like OnlyFans), and have over 500 fans for the last three months.

What does JFF get out of this?

Nothing. We do not make ANY money at all from this. In fact, we pay a LOT of money to the FSC every month in order to get these discounts for our models. And we are covering 100% of these expenses for our top models.

So why are we doing this? But it is my (Dominic) mission for the last 10 years to provide models a healthy, sustainable life within our industry. And I finally have a platform, resources and voice loud enough to make this happen.

How do I sign up?

You can see all the benefits on this Free Speech Coalition Page. If you want to sign up, use the promo code JUSTFORFANS to get the discount.

The "Supporter" and "Activist" plans are the lowest price plans that come with NextGen. The JUSTFORFANS promo code takes $5/month off of any of the plans.

If you have specific questions, you can contact NextGen directly and ask them questions. Don't ask me!

NextGen can be contacted at 1.800.800.7616.