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Tell Us About Yourself:

There are two things I love... tattoos & sex. I’ve always believed in doing what you love, so that’s what I do each day of my life. By day, I am a professional tattoo artist and on my off- hours a curator of erotic content and entertainment. I enjoy the aspect that in my work, I am able to create something personally with my own creativity and have that influence someone’s day for the better. I love to make people smile, laugh, have fun & just feel better about themselves. Other than being a tattoo artist and creating content, I really enjoy go go dancing and working with different photographers for photo shoots. Being in new places and doing new things at the spur of the moment really gets me off also. I really love meeting new people and creating these new and memorable experiences. As wild as I might sound or look, I am actually a pretty laid back guy and try to be as kind as I can to anyone and everyone. I hope the content I bring to you reflects that in some way!

What can people expect on your page?

So I want to provide my viewers with things that I personally love to do. Whether this be pics from photo shoots that I have done or personal solo vids of me, whether it be doing something naked, jerking off, playing with my ass, etc. I plan on incorporating all types of things that I enjoy on my sexual spectrum. I’ll have oral (both giving and receiving....same with fucking). I always do bareback when it comes to penetration. I’ve done some DP in the past and definitely would love to provide you with a look in on that. I plan on getting some foot worship and foot play on there, as well as other fetishes of mine like bondage, ff, ws, blindfolding, spanking, ass play, toys, spitting, gear, group sex and who knows maybe a gang bang if we’re lucky! I will also be providing viewers to purchase personal items of mine from the store such as: underwear, jocks, socks, old shoes, and toys. I will also be offering personalized videos, Skype sessions, and personal pictures. If you enjoy my content feel free to tip, or if you have a suggestion, feel free to pass it my way, bc viewer feedback is important. That way we all get what we want! I am always looking to collaborate with new talent in making content so if that’s you reach out and let’s make some magic!

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