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    August 14, 2020, 9:00 am (Subscribers) | Report

    Isn't the chub a star straining against his skimpy aussiebum briefs?

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Tell Us About Yourself:

We are a Chub & Chaser couple, who live in the UK, nearby Leeds in Yorkshire. We both love filming ourselves having fun, and are always on the lookout for other people to join in on the fun with us. The Chub is a Vers Bottom, and loves stretching his hole with bigger and bigger toys, he's been working on sizing up in the toy department, and is loving every second of it. He also loves getting hot loads of cum in his hole, one of his fantasies is to have a group of guys controlled by the chaser, all take turns fucking his hole until he can't take it anymore, and having them unload into him, leaving him laid there with a pool of spunk leaking out of his well fucked arse. The Chaser is a Top, and he loves seeing the Chub have fun, whether it be with toys, when he's fucking him, sucking him & being serviced by him, or when he's seeing the chub getting fucked hard by another top, while he sticks his own cock down his throat. He'd love to slip his big uncut cock into the chub's slutty hole after it's been fucked sloppy by a group of guys, so he can really jack-hammer into it as rough as he can. We'd love to be able to meet some of our fans, and produce some super sexy content to go onto our page, we both enjoy threesomes (and moresomes!) particularly where the tops come and have their fun with the chub alongside the chaser, enjoying his sexy body and loosing themselves in his hot hole, and getting some of that committed to video, we think would be hot as hell! We decided to create our justfor.fans page, as it's a great platform that allows us to be in direct contact with our fans, getting to know what they like about our content that we've already made, and what they'd like to see us do in future photos or videos. Another bonus of the page, is that it allows us to make some money from the fun that we have with each other, and then be able to use that money to invest into more things for us to have fun with, like more sex toys, sex furniture and great underwear and outfits for video or photoshoots.

What can people expect on your page?

Our page will feature photo shoots of the chub, in the form of underwear shots, and fetishwear shots, as well as shots of him having fun on his own, having a nice long edging session before shooting him thick load all over himself, and making use of his toy collection on himself, and really giving his hole a workout. It will also feature solo photo shoots of the chaser, modelling his underwear and fetishwear, as well as photo sets of him having fun on his own, mostly edging himself before blowing his load, but also with some of the jack-off toys that he has. We will also have duo photo sets uploaded, which will feature us both having oral fun, anal fun and a whole lot more! We also upload videos of us having fun, some of them are shorter clips, but most of them are longer videos, with different angles, and all in HD showing us having fun together, with a variety of oral, masturbation and anal videos, both actual fucking and sex toys. The chub will be using his collection of toys on himself, really stretching his hole and giving it a workout, with good footage of it, in terms of full wide shots mixed with some sexy POV footage. Our fucking videos also feature a good mix of angles, allowing you to see all the action. We also have some more fetish oriented videos &photo sets uploaded, featuring bondage, chastity and some strap on footage. We are looking to expand into some more fetish work soon also. As to why people should join our page? Our page features some smoking hot photo and video of a super sexy chub who loves to show himself off, alongside his hot n horny chaser, who loves to see his big uncut cock plunging in and out of his chub's fat ass, or willing mouth. We will be producing content regularly of each other, that will show off our sexy selves, as well as what we're into. Our page is filled with fabulous fat flesh, big uncut cocks, hot loads of cum going into willing arseholes and down slutty throats, and lots of hot sexy fun. I mean, what more could you want from a sexy couple?

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