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  • Hey guys. .... so now I have both of my Twitters banned. Not sure why Twitter is being such a fucking twat-sicle, but literally there's nothing I can do. I'm going to start a PornHub and start posting all of my vids on there. It seems like the ONLY safe space I'll be able to use. Might start up my old Xtube as well. I'm just running out of options now that Tumblr is gone and now Twitter. My apologies for these huge inconveniences, but apparently I'm getting a lot of shit for my "cumfilled" vids while others are getting away with it. Which is fine, but it does feel a little targeted and for unfair reasons. I wonder if one of my ex's works for Twitter. LOL. I'll continue to post on here, just won't be able to let any followers on Twitter know. I will start doing a weekly update and upload of videos. Working out the kinks and getting it all set up now. My Pornhub is the same: dannybluexxx and my Xtube will hopefully be the same or if they have my old account still, PortugueseCum. I'll keep you posted. Thanks guys. xoxo, Danny Blue

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