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    June 24, 2020, 2:40 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    When I was about 12, I went to a convenience store to buy candies. Next to the candies section was a magazine stand. I remember it's called Men's Workout. On the cover was this beautiful muscle stud. I waited until the shop is empty then discreetly took it to the cash register to pay. I hid the magazine in the back of my pants so my parents couldn't see then I went upstairs, closed the door and started to open the pages. Holy fuck! My mind was racing at the speed of light. I was marveling at the muscles, the body hair, the erotic shots, the pecs, the biceps, the ass, the bulge. I kept asking myself what was this sensational urge that I'm feeling? Why is my dick dripping? What is this water? Am I okay? Holy fuck why does it feel so good to rub it against my fingers?

    When I got toward the back of the magazine, there was a section of sex advertisement. There were PG-13 shots of Falcon Studios and other porn companies including websites and such. Growing up in a conservative Asian family with no internet access, I had never heard of the concept of porn. This was when I discovered a new world. I was so fascinated. I didn't know people could do this for a living.

    I quickly found access to the internet and curiously typed in the website domain provided. The first time I saw an image of a guy sucking the dick of another guy, I freaked the fuck out! I immediately closed the browser and said to myself "fucking disgusting! that's where you peeeeee!"

    I got home but the image never escaped my mind. I started to fantasize about sucking dicks while wondering what it smells like, what it tastes like, does it feel good?

    During my summer I spent time digging into more websites. Here I discovered more dicks, ass, balls. Everything was new. Eating ass was unfathomable to me. Getting fucked by a huge cock was beyond imagination. I tried to put a pencil inside my hole and it couldn't get in. I asked myself how could a huge cock like that got inside an ass.

    Long story short, that Men's Workout magazine was the sexual awakening for me. The thought of becoming a porn actor lingered in my head but I never thought it would come into fruition since I don't have a pornstar cock. My cock never grew during puberty, it kinda stuck there. Fortunately, there's the justforfans movement where it allows performers that don't match the status quo to create content using creativity featuring real body sizes. That's why I love my job. I'm my own boss. I get to write my own identity: muscle jock, bubble butt, tiny locked dick, learning to get pleasure from getting fucked. It's so bizarre yet so unique and different. It allows me to set myself apart, creating my own legion of caged boys that keeps growing every day. I love receiving messages from fans telling me I inspired them. I fucking lost count how many of those messages I got but one thing for sure, each time I get those messages it still brings a big smile to my face. It never gets old.

    I love using my platform to promote real beauties, not just politically correct ones. I'm looking forward to casting a diverse range of guys to appear onscreen: skinny, thick, tall, short, dark skin, tan skin, light skin, big cocks, small cocks, tiny cocks, guys with pussies, more Asians, more middle Easterns, more Indians, more Latins, more Blacks, etc. I know I don't feature them enough onscreen. You have to know that casting is very difficult:

    1) they gotta be in the same city
    2) they gotta wanna be on cam
    3) they gotta match my chemistry and interest. I can't just cast anybody. The chemistry will show on cam.

    So be patient with the casting, it might be slow but I'm not stopping. Because the world with one point of view for beauty is fucking boring.

    I love my job, I love that it allows me to bring out my fantasy onscreen for you to enjoy, I loveyou in real life and interacting with you. I love using my platform to promote real diversity since not many popular guys out there are doing it. I fucking love being a sex worker and thank you for your support because it allows me to do what I'm doing.

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