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    July 29, 2020, 1:47 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    My secret for staying smooth without razor burn:

    Razor burn sucks, we all know this. But there is a way to get rid of it. I'm sure other people have their own way of doing it but this is my method.

    1) First, the right razor is very important. You'll need to invest in a quality razor, not those cheap disposable ones you find at CVS. I use . It's very high quality and not too expensive either. It has a nice grip and it cuts very smoothly. It's super sharp so be careful. You can also get Venus. Venus razors are made for women since women have sensitive skin. Using Venus razor on sensitive areas like your pube and your ass will make it less irritable.

    2) I only shave in the shower. I let the warm water runs on my body to soften my skin. I don't really use soap to make it slippery, you can if you like. I heard someone told me that using shampoo or conditioner helps to make it shave smoother.

    3) After I finished shaving and drying myself, I apply witch hazel. What it does is it helps to open your pores to prevent ingrown hair. It'll burn slightly after you apply it but it'll go away quickly. Trust me, it's not too bad. I apply witch hazel all over my body, especially my buttocks so that it can prevent acne. Remember, the function of witch hazel is it opens your pores. If your pores are clean then dirt won't get stuck in there which will cause ingrown hair and acne.

    4) This is very important: you have to apply coconut oil all over your shaved areas. Get coconut oil that isn't scented so you don't smell like a walking coconut. The soothing sensation will help with razor burn. It does for me. DO NOT use lotion because lotions are manmade and dry very quickly. Coconut oil retains moisture much longer on your body.

    The more you shave the more your skin will get used to it. So if you get razor burn just keep doing it. It's like exercising if you get sore and you stop then you won't achieve your goal. Trust me on this advice.

    Apply my technique and let me know how it works for you.

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