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  • bulgeXXL @bulgeXXL

    August 8, 2020, 6:47 am (Subscribers) | Report

    HIDDEN CAM at locker room (sniffing undies + cum in teammates JOCK)
    I placed a hidden cam under some towels in a locker opposite to me and waited for one of my soccer sportsmates returning from the field. His name is Vladyslaw, he is straight, hairy chest, uncut dick and normaly we don´t talk much.He came in in full soccer outfit, undressed and don´t mentioned the cam….yeah…he put off his shirt ,socks, shinpads,football shoes, and his adidas shorts and jock supporter cup and left the locker for a shower. Fuck. My heart began to run pulse 160. Will I get caught jackin off in his gear??? I quickly grab his shirt,shorts,sneakers and his JOCK cup to sniff. His dirty used and sweaty JOCK gave me the manly sweaty scent of his crotch and I deep breath in his scent. His black adidas football sneakers smell strange.What a turn-on. ooooh, this is sooo fuckin kinky…made me cum big and I shooted in his JOCK and put the jock back in his red PUMA bag. Will he mention my cum inside , when he came back home? Or will he wear the dirty jock again at next training session and all my cum will be on his cock? Check out my nervousness when he came back from shower and started to dress on. Will he mention, I have cummed in his underwear? Find out & enjoy

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