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    July 30, 2020, 1:30 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    Martin Dajnar has been playing a game of cat and mouse. He's taken to leaving the bathroom door open while he showers so his stepson, Lucian, can spy on him. After all, a good Daddy knows a cocksucker when he sees one. He also knows when his son is ready for Daddy's cock. And as it turns out, his little boy is not only ready, he's a first-rate cock sucker. Which only proves the point... some boys are natural-born sexpots. Lucian worships his stepfather's cock and balls, then straddles his lap, taking Dad to the balls. The boy, who has wanted this almost as much as Martin--if not more--fucks himself with wild abandon, his cock rock hard as he grinds on Daddy's lap. Then, while on his back, as Daddy fucks him bareback, Lucian shoots an enormous load of fresh young jizz. Martin keeps right on fucking, until the last minute when he pulls out and blasts his son with a facial.

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