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I'm Braden, a poet and astrologer from Winnipeg, now living in... Read More

I'm Braden, a poet and astrologer from Winnipeg, now living in Montreal. These are real, loving, sexual encounters between consenting, caring lovers. I believe in the web of queer love that extends across space and time, healing our traumas and catalyzing our expansion.

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Braden Alexander
November 24, 2020, 12:54 pm
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Runtime: 5m 20s
What is coke all about?

I tried it for the first time, at 33. I had never been offered before and I had never asked. What I HAD seen was a brilliant lawyer friend of mine get disbarred from his practice because he was embezzling his firm's money in order to fund his coke habit. He bought for himself and half of gay-curious Winnipeg. Eventually he lost everything, including his life. He was 48 years old, and he was my friend even at the end.

Why do I remember this dire story now? As a warning, to me and to you, that coke feels good to take, and makes one feel quite confident, but it doesn't actually produce the magic you perceive. It's just a little ego trip to take and balance out all that self-hate you've been indulging in for years, decades, let's be honest. This is a safe space for confessions and for experimentations.

Coke was FUN. I would do it again. It is expensive and I do not want to pay for it. I see why party people hop around getting free coke at different parties. I would too, if I had the outfits and the stamina. But I would rather be fucking my lovers.

And this is what happened Saturtnight. Our ego trip lead us straight into conflict. Anis perceived me to be giving more attention to my visiting friend, Cam. I perceived Anis to be ignoring my inquiries into "what the heck is wrong?" I triggered him and his response triggered me. We were at odds.

We talked it out. And then we got down on the kitchen floor and made love. We fucked it out. Will it return again, this shadowy conflict between conscious soul mates? Yes, likely. And we willit with our bodies and our care. We willit with love.

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