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I'm Braden, a poet and astrologer from Winnipeg, now living in... Read More

I'm Braden, a poet and astrologer from Winnipeg, now living in Montreal. These are real, loving, sexual encounters between consenting, caring lovers. I believe in the web of queer love that extends across space and time, healing our traumas and catalyzing our expansion.

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Braden Alexander
November 23, 2020, 6:03 pm
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Runtime: 9m 30s
How much is too much?

I woke up in bed with Daddy Bear on Sunday morning. We fucked the night before, and ate, and snuggled. On this day, this stretched out Sunday, we took our time over coffee, talking about our strange inner worlds and laughing over the startling peaceful intimacy growing up between us. I took a shower while he did the dishes. His shower is like a spa—eucalyptus hangs over the shower head, and all his soaps are natural. He has to give me a tour before I shower, so I used them correctly. I love it.

Then we hung out on the couch together and he fucked me twice. One of the videos I posted on here last week, the one where he's poking through the hole in his underwear and we've ripped open a hole in mine, so Big Daddy can get inside me.

I rode my bike home through sleepy Sunday Montreal. For now, home is my lover Anis' home, until I move into my new apartment on December 1. This JFF is what pays my rent, just barely but still, so thank you for contributing to my wellbeing. Anyway, that day I biked home to Anis.

He was excited to hear that Big Daddy had bred me twice and that I still had his love inside me. "Slush Puppy," daddy called me when I left. Anis loves my greed, and enjoying the evidence thereof, so soon he fucked me and filled me as well. Sunday afternoon, fuckin' around.

Later that night, I got horny again, telling a neighbour about my sexual encounters that day. He told me he wanted to fuck me too, feel my ass and add an extra load to the mix. How much is too much?

I said yes. He knew Anis, so the vibe was chill.

This is what's in the video—this friendly neighbour, coming over, so we can explore the limits of pleasure and greed together.

Anis holds the camera for us, until the friendly neighbour grabs it for a POV. Later, Anis joins the fun, so wha you don't see is the ending: Neighbour loading me up while I suck on Anis's swelling cock.

"Are you guys gonna fuck again?" he asked us as he was dressing to leave.

"I don't think so," I said. How much is too much?

But he did. Before bed. And he didn't even cum—but I did. He gave me such pleasure. It was all for me.

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