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    July 2, 2020, 5:22 am (Subscribers) | Report this is a BIG sneak peak of our new french boy...we just talked at home first and started a bit cuddling and kissing...
    ...but as you can see it goes deeper for the first Tim Blesh bare.backing this hot and young boy...
    :-), das ist ein GROßER Vorgeschmack von unserem neuen, französischen Jungen... wir haben erst zu Hause geredet und ein bisschen gekuschelt und geküsst...
    ...aber wie Du sehen kannst, geht es beim ersten Treffen viel weiter...schau, wie Tim Blesh diesen heißen und jungen Jungen ohne Kondom fickt...

    16m 60s
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Tell Us About Yourself:

We are Tim (*1985) & Julian (*1992) Blesh, the BLESHCOUPLE from Berlin. Since 2016 we produce our own amateur porn and travel through Europe to produce them on different places. Seriously we are a gay couple since five years. :-) Southern European countries are our favourite places to be and to do our content. But we like also to do stuff in Germany, too. ;-P The idea of making porn grew up after an amateur photo shooting in Barcelona. Tim said: „The material is so hot, why not trying to offer it sonewhere.“ And so we begun with developing the website and content. It is not scripted, just deep and true sexual action! :-D We will give this page a try, because most of amateur porn actors use it.

What can people expect on your page?

Every gaysex interested person can expect true and hot sexual action between us and with others. - And of course here in JFF we will publish exclusive and private content of us. We like to be naked and having sex mostly everywhere. :-) You definetly should join our page, because we are a real couple doing amateur gay porn. The locations are amazing, the guys dicks are so awesome...omg check it out guys^^

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