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    July 15, 2019, 5:00 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    We update 7x per week. That's more than enough content to satisfy the hungriest of cock pigs and bareback whores. Join us for photo sets, new scenes, and scenes from our archives, like this one. What are you waiting for? Stroke with us! You know you want to.

    Nicky Wells is in his favorite position...on his knees sucking on a hard cock! Marc returns the favor by wrapping his lips around Nicky's pulsating dick. From there they move to the couch where they treat each other to a wet and sloppy 69 session. They probe and lick each other's ass and while they eat one another, Nicky lifts his hole up to Marc. Marc spreads his cheeks and gives his raw hole a deep tonguing. The action intensifies as Nicky sits down on Marc's stiff cock. Nicky rides the hard prick reverse cowboy style with his dick bopping up and down. Marc takes control of Nicky's ass, throws him on the couch, bends him over and bareback his hole doggie style. Marc then flips Nicky onto his back and drills him until he explodes all over Nicky's gaping raw hole. Marc sprays his juice all over Nicky, pushing the sloppy load into his hole. Nicky uses some of Marc's juices as lube and beats off while getting fucked by Marc's bare cock. Marc fucks a huge creamy load out of Nicky and the bottom shoots all over his chest and stomach. The scene ends with Marc sampling Nicky's cum and feeding it back to him.

    Movie Length: 00:20:08
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