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Tell Us About Yourself:

I'm Amalia X, a young Canadian goth Dominatrix with a love of all things kink and fetish! I am a new content creator and I love making creative clips, customs, and virtually Dominating My minions! I was drawn to FemDom due to My natural confidence and belief in Female Superiority. I also enjoy exploring and celebrating the hidden and taboo aspects of sexuality that are often swept under the rug by society. After a couple of years in the BDSM lifestyle, I was naturally drawn to making a career out of My passions. I continue to grow and expand My skills and repertoire. Follow Me to watch My journey and enjoy all the fun content :)

What can people expect on your page?

Lately I've been creating a lot of chastity, cuckold, foot fetish, humiliation, and role play clips! I am always looking to express more kinks and fetishes through My content, so expect more exploration and surprises! I post lots of photosets from My clip shoots, as well as selfies, short videos, teasers, and the occasional full-length clip! Subscribers also get a discount on custom clips and texting Me :) And I respond to comments and messages from My subscribers! A rare chance to get some attention from Me!

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