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    July 21, 2020, 1:28 pm (Public) | Report

    How To Sign Up And Become Verified On JustFor.Fans
    (Updated 7/20/2020)

    Interested in becoming a performer on JustFor.Fans? Here's some help getting verified and even some help filling out your W9 form!

    Official verification steps:
    Banking information. Add your payment information on this page so we can pay you!
    Verification documents. You can find this tab under "model center" on the left hand navigation bar. Use this area to add your photo ID & if you live in the USA, a filled & signed W9 form.
    Edit profile to add your email address & password, and customize your gender & pronouns. If you click to view your profile (try clicking your username in the upper left corner under the JustFor.Fans logo!) you can find the "edit profile" link under your "about me" section.
    Make sure your profile picture is of you -- not a drawing, not a sunset, not a logo. You can update your Profile and Banner photos by selecting new photos under MEDIA CENTER, which you can think of like an organization area where you can manage any content you've uploaded.
    Finally, add some content to your page. A minimum of three posts is required before the verification team will review you, but more is better for a successful launch.
    If you have any questions about getting verified or find it is taking more a couple days, contact JFFModelSupport on Twitter.

    Need more help? Message here: @PerformerSupport 

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