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    May 18, 2020, 6:43 pm (Subscribers) | Report


    This was so hot, and it happened shortly after MAL too, when I was still in heat from all that breeding. I had met these two through a mutual friend and while on the road to DC one afternoon, decided to stop by and let them use my hole. Watch till the end where I get a hot cumshot by playing with his nipples till he unloads.

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Coming from a background in amateur filmmaking, video and photo editing, and generally being someone who likes to show off a sensual side on camera, I realized that I wanted to see if I could build a name for myself off of this website. Amateur porn is taking sweeps across the internet; I think all of it just reads as more genuine and thus it's naturally hotter, and I'm already an avid porn lover as it is, so I wanted to join in on the fun ;)

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Expect to see: Bubble Butt Amateur sex Bareback Foot Fetish Sweat Toy Play Ass play Jockstrap and Leather Wear I love to film stuff in a way that will make it hotter, be it the camera angles, lighting, etc. If you're gonna pay for content, you want quality!

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