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    March 12, 2020, 7:00 am (Subscribers) | Report

    Hey guys, Brad here. Here's the first part of a private one-on-one video from my collection. So here's the story...

    I was visiting Atlanta and stopped at a Chevron to get an energy drink on my way to Manifest4u sex club (where, as fate would have it, I would later that night meet Dex literally for the first time) and I saw this guy wearing tight spandex shorts walk in as I was walking out. It was hard for me not to notice this guy cause he was on the short side - probably under 5'4" - and me being a tall "opposites attract" kind of guy myself I've always had a thing for short guys, and this dude's ass was poppin out big time in those spandex and looked oh so fuckable, so I gave his ass a bit of a stare and made sure he noticed me staring as I headed out the door. Got in my car and checked my phone and had a Grindr notification from the guy. He had sent me a message right then and there. I told him I had somewhere I had to be and would catch up with him later, headed to Manifest, met Dex for the first time later that eve and ended up spending the rest of my time in ATL with him.

    Fast forward a couple months later and Dex and I are now making vids. This dude hit me back up on Grindr saying he had a hotel room for the night and if I'd like to come visit. I asked him if he'd be down for me recording it and he was so I headed over fully expecting to get right down to biz plowing that ass that got my attention in the first place...

    And then he flipped the script on me.

    But that's okay. As you'll see at the end of this vid I flipped it right back :-) Now if only he hadn't put those damn glasses right in front of the camera lol! But at least I got the whole session even if the glasses are blocking some of it. Here's the first part...hope you enjoy...

    #amateur #anal #bareback #caucasian #couples #duo #gay #interracial #rimming #BradleyJaxon #Tythepartyguest #AlphaSpectrumScenes

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