November 1, 2020, 12:30 am
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So I’d been edging for about 3 hours by this point and I was ready to die.

I felt ~~empty~~ afterwards.
October 28, 2020, 10:02 pm
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Happy Thursday to all of the babies this load could have made ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
October 26, 2020, 12:01 am
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A light lunch and a big wank.
October 25, 2020, 7:33 pm
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It’s the 1 year anniversary of the story that started the trend:


Content Warning: Consensual Non-Consent

When I was in my mid 20s I was in a relationship with a guy. He was a little older than me and he was great. We'd been together on and off for about a year having needed a couple of breaks to reassess. We had a lot in common but in the end the relationship just didn't quite work. We went back to being friends.

We ended up living together in a share house with some other friends and that was great.

A few years after we broke up, I was cleaning the house for a routine inspection. I was polishing our wooden floors and had permission from the various house mates to go into their rooms for this purpose. I had done my room, the main rooms, the other two bedrooms and was finally finishing up in my ex-boyfriend's room. I'd been at this for hours, on my hands and knees and I was tired.

My ex-boyfriend arrived home. He announced his return with a cheerful hello and I returned it saying I was just finishing up in his room. He strode in and complimented my work. I told him not to stand there because the polish was still setting and made a mock angry face at him. He asked my permission to get changed in front of me because he was sweaty from his bike ride home. I said that it was of course fine. Honestly, I'd relish the opportunity to see his beautiful cock again.

He undressed. He often walked around shirtless at home (it's Australia and we didn't have air conditioning) so I'd seen the muscles he'd been building over the last year. I was still very physically attracted to him and I suppose I always will be. But it had been years since I'd seen him completely naked. I tried to hide the fact that I was spying on him as I finished polishing. His cock was as glorious as I remembered.

He walked behind me, out of my line of sight, to get his clean underwear.

Suddenly he was crashing down on top of me, he'd slipped and fallen because of the fresh polish! My knees had buckled under his weight and my tired arms had given out. I hit my head as I collapsed under him, unable to support us both. I felt awful! I should have warned him.

I tried to apologise but as soon as I opened my mouth to speak he rubbed his sweaty underwear over my face. I tried to push us up off the ground while writhing away from his gross prank but his full body weight was still on me. And I realised he was still very naked!

"Are you okay?" I asked through his moist jocks, "I'm sorry I didn't warn you the floors were slippery".

"That's okay", he replied quietly.

We stayed there for a moment. And then another.

"Are you hurt?" I asked.

His underwear was still on my face so even craning my neck around I couldn't have seen him. And then he started scrunching his jocks up in his hand. Oh good, he was okay. He reached his other hand up to my head and pulled my jaw open and then stuffed his sweaty jocks into my mouth. I was so shocked I didn't react.

He kept his weight on me, kept one hand covering my mouth, and with the other he started pulling down my pants. Oh fuck. He was rock hard. Oh fuck. I wasn't wearing underwear. Oh fuck.

I tried to protest. I tried to squirm out from under him. But he has put on 15kg of muscle in the last two years and he had me firmly. When my pants were around my knees he came in close to my ear and whispered.

"Be quiet. Hold still. I'm not going to hurt you and I promise I'll stop if I do."

And then he spat into his hand and rubbed it on my ass. He spat into his hand again and rubbed it on his cock. His other hand still holding his underwear in my mouth. He steered toward my hole and fumbled for a moment with his aim and then with a hard thrust he pushed in.


Three minutes later he climbed off of me and went to shower. He didn’t say anything.

His cum oozed out of my ass on to the polished floor.
October 25, 2020, 7:24 pm
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Compulsion (1)

Did I ever tell you about the second time my ex boyfriend came to visit?

He’d come back from overseas for the holidays again and had come to stay with me and my housemate. My current boyfriend was comfortable knowing that all romantic feelings between the ex and I were gone. And besides, we’d be sleeping in separate bedrooms and spending almost all waking hours in social settings.

For what it’s worth, I never lied.

The ex, Dom, arrived with a list of expectations for his stay that he’d clearly been giving some thought to for a while.

He ordered me to give up my bed for him. He wanted breakfast in bed every day. He wanted me toon the bedroom floor next to him. And he provided me with a “uniform” that I was to wear whenever we were alone.

All of this sounded fine and I was happy to make him happy. It was nice to feel his dominance again.

His list continued.

I was forbidden from having sex with my boyfriend.


I would be sexually available to only him for the duration of his stay.

That was nearly two weeks.

I was not allowed to cum for the duration of his stay.

I thought about my boyfriend. My current one. I didn’t want to hurt him. But the compulsion to obey was strong, irresistible. You have no idea what it’s like unless you’ve experienced it.

“All you have to do is lie there”, he said flatly, as if stating the most obvious fact. “You won’t be cheating on him, because you won’t be ‘having sex’. I will be. You’re just a hole.”

To quote a fantastic song, I must have blacked out I don’t remember a thing. It wasn’t until later when I was dealing with the cum in my ass I even knew I’d been fucked.
October 20, 2020, 5:36 pm
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Couples holiday

Big TW on this one. There were definitely some consent lines crossed by the husband on this occasion. Read cautiously, but know that I’m okay and that he is the only person in this story I still speak to and fuck

Did I ever tell you about that time my boyfriend and I went to stay with a couple of friends?

We were traveling into regional Queensland to visit our friends on their little hobby farm. They were in the process of building a house and were living in a shed/cabin. Honestly, it was pretty decked out. It literally had a deck.

Our hosts were another gay couple and from the outset there was the implication that some sexy fun was a possibility. I was not opposed at all and neither was my boyfriend. His friend was hot and his friend’s husband, who we didn’t know very well, was, in my opinion, hotter.

We ate, we drank, we played board games. It was a very fun night. We got really, really drunk. I don’t usually drink, and I was wasted. Like, stumbling wasted. My boyfriend was trashed. His friend was even more so. I assumed the husband was too.

We played truth or dare like teenagers. We all confessed some silly things and some sexy things.

The sexy couples swapping stuff didn’t look like it was going to happen. Oh well! We’d had other kinds of fun. We brushed our teeth and got ready for bed. My boyfriend had passed out. His friend was soon to follow. The husband was pottering around outside, closing up things for the night.

The husband asked me if I could give him a hand. I was pretty drunk but I wanted to be helpful. He needed help up at the house, something had come loose in the wind and if we didn’t tie it down it could damage the construction scaffolding.

We made our way up, me zigzagging the whole way. I hoped I wouldn’t be tying knots, I doubted my hands could manage.

We got into the frame of the house, the husband turned on a torch and led me into what would one day be their bathroom. I couldn’t see anything loose. The hair on the back of my neck stood up.

“So you like being restrained?”

Had I confessed that!?

“And you like big, cut dick?”

Okay, that sounded like me...

He was right up against me, in the cramped would-be bathroom. He grabbed my arm and spun me around and pulled out his industrial zip ties.

Zip ties. Of course.

I was so drunk that my reaction was non-existent. My arms were zipped behind my back before I had even really registered what was happening.

Panic. Delayed. But panic.

He was pulling down my shorts as I started trying to get free of him but the corner of the house we were in was tight. He was strong too. He shushed me as I started to ramble, a hand covering my mouth.

He turned me back around, facing away from him. When had I spun to face him? He bit my neck.

Had I confessed that too?

I felt his hard cock on my cheeks. He spat into his hand and rubbed it into my hole. He spat again and rubbed his cock.

Then he fucked me for what felt like hours. He was gentle, overall. He patiently shushed me whenever I spoke or protested. He never never stopped thrusting. He was there for one thing and whether I liked it or not, it was going to happen.

It happened. He moaned. He slumped on me. In me.

He bit my neck again. I quivered.

He called me a good boy and pulled out. His cum dribbled to the unfinished cement floor. He pulled my pants up, and chuckled, knowingly, as he felt my own cum on my legs. Then he pulled up his own pants.

Grey sweatpants.

And then he released the ties. They’d had releases. The whole time.

“Did you enjoy that?” He asked.

“I think I did.”

And then he pulled me in for a big, tight hug. I felt warm and safe in a way I’ve never experienced.

We wandered back to the shed/cabin, his hand on my butt. He whistled a little tune.

“We’re going to shower now, you’re dirty”, he instructed.

My boyfriend and his husband were dead to the world.

We showered. We cuddled. I held his cock. He kept a hand on my ass cheek all night as we slept.

We didn’t mention it in the morning.
October 19, 2020, 1:26 am
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We went skinny dipping

Did I ever tell you about the time my ex boyfriend and I went skinny dipping?

We’d been out in the country, visiting my parents for a few days. We wanted to get away and have some alone time. Especially him (not a lot of opportunity to cum in me with my mother around constantly).

So we went to this spot I knew. It was a short drive and it was fairly hidden away. Only locals would know it and even then, in this area there weren’t many locals who might stumble upon us.

It was a river, freshwater, and there was a scientific station there where water sample were collected periodically. But the little concrete installation served as a perfect little pier into the river.

We undressed, down to our swimmers. I was wearing his favourite speedo. He was already visibly hard through his board shorts. I teased him about needing to wait until after we swam before he could fuck me and half climbed half dived into the river (only a local would know the necessary technique).

Once in the water, I turned to look at him. I could tell from his face, smirking, that I’d pay for my bratty behaviour later. He made his way into the water and we swam for an hour or so.

There was a submerged tree in the middle of the river that had been there for a decade. We sat in its branches and talked, kissed, fondled.

He told me it was time to get out of the water.

He was ready.

So was I.

We made our way back to the little pier, climbed up and laid out a towel. I unpacked my lube. He told me to take off my speedo and get on my hands and knees, face down. I obeyed.

I heard the Velcro of his board shorts and then the fat wetness of his cock slapping on my ass. The click of the lube bottle.

I braced myself, expecting punishment for my behaviour. But no. He was gentle and loving and tender. He came quickly, all the pent up energy ready to be released into me.

And then he laid on top of me for a few moments and kissed my neck. Sadly, he didn’t permit me to cum. After a few moments he got up and out of me.

He went to get water and I laid there, the sun baking my back, my hole pulsing, the cum oozing.

I fell asleep.

When I awoke, his smirk was back. My clothes were gone. Into the river, he told me. I’d be going home naked. But first, he wanted to give me another load.
August 24, 2020, 12:23 am
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I had just done so much cardio. This shower was like a rebirth.
August 22, 2020, 9:16 pm
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So last Christmas my ex boyfriend came back to town to visit his family. He lives overseas and hadn’t been back for almost two years.
In very Modern Gay style we had remained good friends after breaking up because we’d been through a lot together and we still really liked each other—we’d just grown up and apart.

So at this point it had been about five years since we’d broken up and two years since we’d seen each other.

He came to stay with me for a week to see the city and his friends and used my place as a home base. I made up the couch for him. No dramas.

Now for some history.
He was my first Dom. I didn’t have the language for it at the time but in hindsight all of the ingredients were there. For years while together he’d trained me, whether consciously or not, to defer to him and to acquiesce to his requests. In day to day life that meant doing his laundry, cooking for him, and most importantly always being available for sex.

If I hadn’t seen him for a day or two the first thing he’d do is pull me into the nearest bedroom, pull down my pants, push my face into a pillow and go to town on me.
And it was great!

Cut to a few years later. He’s visiting. We’ve had dinner. His favourite meal. We’ve had a few drinks. We call it a night and go to bed. I’m settling in and drifting off and I hear my door open. I look up and he’s come through the door, completely naked, hard as a rock and I know what is about to happen.

And as if it were yesterday, as soon as his hands touch me I go back to my submissive role. Everything relaxes and it becomes entirely about his pleasure. For the first time in years I crave him and his cum.

He face fucked me for what felt like an hour. I nearly threw up so many times. My eyes were running from the reflex. And then it was time for anal. He took his time and reacquainted himself with my body.

But he did give me his load eventually.

When he finished he collapsed into my bed and we slept.

The next morning I went to brunch with him and his sister with his load still in me.
August 18, 2020, 5:04 pm
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Did I ever tell you about that time I got fucked by one of my teachers?

He was the lead tutor in my first year stats course. By coincidence he had also been my private tutor for a year by that point so I walked into his classroom, not realising he was my teacher until that point, with a pretty good friendship established.

He was hot. Hot in that way a 19 year old can’t help but find attractive. He was 26, he was studying his Masters, he knew who he was and he knew what he wanted—in life and sexually.

During the semester where he was my teacher we had to manage the conflict of interest of him also being paid to tutor me outside of uni hours. And we did, making jokes about the absurdity of me emailing him class questions from the other side of the desk.

After about seven weeks of this I was extremely late to our private session (I had just met a boy my age and we were having fun and being gay and horny).

Now, I had always flirted lightly with him but had always gotten the impression he was straight and only interested in me in that polite way that slightly older people can be.

Well, he was a bit pissed that I was so late but reasoned he was still getting paid even if I didn’t show but that he enjoyed seeing me. I was a bit taken aback. He seems actually shitty with me and he seemed shitty because he ¿missed? me. He seemed even more shitty when I explained I had been out on a date (“date”=cum dripping out of me)

He gave me his phone number and said to message him if I was going to be so late again.

He didn’t really acknowledge me in class that week and I was regretting spoiling our friendship. So I messaged him two hours before our next private session to let him know I was definitely coming and I think I made a joke along the lines of “no other man will ever come between us again, I promise” or something to that effect.

Suffice to say he was in a great mood when he walked into the room that night. He walked around the table to where I was sitting and gave me a friendly rub on the shoulder (which sounds weird to describe but did make sense in context) as he thanked me for my effort messaging him. He asked if I would mind him messaging back if he ever had scheduling conflicts. And of course I said no. Class began and we studied.

Over the next few weeks the physical distance between us got smaller and smaller in that tutorial room. If I arrived first he would sit close to me, and I would do that same. He started wearing nice aftershave and dressing in button down shirts. I did note it, but didn’t think much of it. I just enjoyed the physical closeness.

The turning point came when he put his hand on my lap.

I was absolutely shocked and my heart started racing. I turned away from my textbook and looked at him and he had the most intense look on his face I’d ever seen from him. He slowly moved his hand up my thigh until he was touching my very nervous erection. He smiled.

I was stunned and young and dumb and didn’t really do or say anything except smile nervously. People could have seen what he was doing if someone had looked into the room at the right angle.

He took his hand away and I both relaxed and felt disappointed. But instead of moving his hand away, he moved it onto my back and slid it down and down and down and into my pants.

I leaned forward, giving him to space to touch my ass. And he did. And he grabbed me. And it was intense.

He asked if there was somewhere we could go. We didn’t have long, he said, but we had enough time. There was a bathroom nearby. We went.

It was quick and rough. The gentle teacher gave way to a brutal fucker. I was still young and relatively new to anal and he didn’t care much. In that moment it was about his need to cum and it seemed he needed to cum in me. This was my first spit-only fuck and it hurt but I wanted him and I wanted to please him and I wanted him to use me. And he did. I bent over in the bathroom, over the sink, pants around my ankles, in front of the mirror and watched him spit into his hand, rub his cut cock with it, and push into me.

Burning pain.

He didn’t pause or go slow. From the first push he was thrusting. It hurt so much I cried but I wanted him. I wanted him to cum in me and I wanted him to like me.

He didn’t once make eye contact with me in the mirror. He only ever looked down at his dick going in and out of me.

He didn’t last long. After about 2 minutes he spasmed and collapsed down on to me. He pulled out and his cum dribbled out of me.

I pulled up my pants. He pulled up his. And we went back to my private class.

It was a really intense experience and one I wasn’t ready for at that age. But I don’t regret it. He was really hot and it was fun, in a painful way.

We didn’t fuck again. We never even discussed it. The semester ended a few weeks later and he stopped privately tutoring me too.

We spoke a couple of times after that year. Now he’s married with thr