• A little late releasing this epicness with @MrBlakk5 , but it's here, I just got sidetracked fixin the mold for the new toy i was about to release, one of those times that a tiny little flaw becomes a catastrophe without end in sight, that's basically all I did yesterday :( since time is so irrelevant now , i get lost in the work

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  • This post will disappear in 20 hours!

    I am glad my main (get-thru-COVID) chosen top came back, cause I sure was about get very unmonogamous, and he sure knows how to take care of the hole in epic ways . Preview for Sunday. #ElyXFilms

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  • My latest roll in the hay with Mr. #FlintXL #Elyxfilms #gayxxx #toyplay @baddragonnews

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  • decided to give super soft SleipnirXL a firm core and ... well now I have a 15” circ at middle point toy , ha ; that’s from 12” original . But I kind of hurt my hole with it , made a side wall collapse temporarily pretty much , that’s what I get for defacing other’s works for my hole’s selfish pleasure uh? But it hurt so damn good. ha ha , oh and tried Goliath afterwards since my hole was so open

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  • #CassiniXL was not quite able to get in, lets's blame the machine, but @hankeystoys #CapraXXXL and #ElReyXXL sure made up for it #ElyXFilms

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  • @Hankeystoys #StumpNDump and @CutlerX get their turn with the new machine, hope am not boring with so much fuckmachining, it's better than covidfuckinggetting right now, i must say :)

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  • The baptism of #DrakeLarge featuring his two bros, which are all on sale btw this week , at 15% off at surveyofthecosmos.com

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  • Cassini XL said he wanted to join on the fuck machine fun too, but will Ely-X be able to handle it? or will the machine be able to handle Ely and such a gargantuan massive toy? Oh no, what an unsolvable mystery. You better stay tuned this weekend to find out #ElyXFilms #SurveyOfTheCosmos with El Rey XXL and Capra XXXL by @Hankeystoys

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  • #ToyPlayPic of the week goes to #ElReyXXL by @hankeystoys ❤️

  • Another #Ravished scene, my intention with the green wall was to add aliens and monsters but I’ve been so busy with the toy business lately, though it would relate to promo material for my business if using my toys . I’ll get to it at some point soon , cause it’s going to look hot 😉

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