Braden Alexander
December 4, 2020, 9:15 am
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Body contact

Sometimes what we need is this:

No more talking.

A decision to collide.

To take a risk ona stranger.

The feeling of being held by a large, kind man.

A cock in the ass.

The weight of a another human being pressing us into the mattress.

His cum, as good and real as any love you know, filling us up, pumping us full, stuffing the void full of something real and true and human.

Sometimes we need more. But sometimes all we need is this.

Braden Alexander
December 2, 2020, 2:49 am
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Daddy’s chair

I moved in to my own apartment today. The apartment this JFF page affords. My first on my own—I’ve only lived so far with family or partners or roommates or in furnished sublets. This place is mine.

A friend asked me what I envisioned for the space. I told him: An energetic sanctuary. A place for healing, pleasure, and playing with the shadow. A witch’s hut where spells are cast. Ritual zone. A place for feasts and celebrations and a healing party. Safe haven for wayward sluts. Cozy cottage where we can drop our guard.

He messaged back, “wow,” and nothing else, so maybe it was a bit much. But it’s true. This is the home I build myself, to hold my new life and this new version of me that has been bristling for a space of his own.

It’s late. My apartment is a mess of boxes and disorganized artifacts of a life spent moving around, looking for something. Have I found it here?

I sit in my chair, the one I bought myself that feels like a teddy bear, and I touch my body. It takes a while, but I find my pleasure. I think at first I’ll find it in my mind, but then when I finally look at myself on the camera, I find it there, watching myself. Dare I jerk off to my own image? Is this heathy self love or some kind of harmless narcissism?

Who cares. I get hard when I look at my body and feel better when I start to play. Legs up in the air. Showing off my cock. Eventually I sniff my own pits, deep, and find a good scent there. The salt of the day’s sweat, the warm smell of my own satisfaction, the spice of my stress. It’s as good as poppers. I am filled with myself and I come. This is where I am home.
Braden Alexander
December 2, 2020, 1:52 am
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Yoga with Braden

When I felt out of control during the first pandemic lockdown, I turned to Yoga With Adriene. Video games just numbed me out. I could only cook and bake so much. My partner at the time and I weren’t sleeping together—couldn’t get our intimacy back somehow. Anyway, yoga worked. One “Yoga With Adriene” class would turn my energy around completely.

So now I do it every time I need to shift my energy, change my perspective, and land back in my body. As I am here, watching Adriene’s “travel yoga flow” video which somehow transforms me in 14 minutes.

To make it cute I wore my red mesh G string from a sweet little online Canadian undies shop called Mens Assets. The owner lives in Ottawa and he’s a really sweet guy. I got that white Coyote jockstrap from his site too.

Anyway, this is a simple little story of a man in skimpy underwear processing his emotional tension by moving his body around. I can’t recommend it enough.

Oh, also, someone wanted to see more of my feet and there’s a bit of that in here.
Braden Alexander
November 26, 2020, 8:33 pm
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How I douche

And now we swerve away from the strictly erotic and into the realm of the sensual, the intimate, the real, and...the educational? In this video I strip for my shower, dance a little bit once I’m naked, shower, and douche. Don’t worry, you don’t see any shit. It’s all very sanitized. I just thought: why not share this?

If I could travel back in time and be the guardian sex angel of my younger self, this is what I would tell him:

You don’t have to douche if you don’t want to. Most people don’t mind if it gets a little messy, and if they do, they’re not the sex partner for you. You want easygoing men inside your butt.

But I know you will want to douche, because it will give you more confidence. So go for it. Try to time it so you’re douching within a few hours of when you’ll be fucking. Take a nice shit first, then hop into the shower. It’s fine. Nothing that comes out at this stage is going to clog your drain.

Cup your hand against your body and let it fill with water from the shower. Squeeze the douche so half the air comes out, stick the nozzle in your collected pool of water, and release your grip so the douche sucks it up. Do it one or two more times, so there’s no air left in the douche.

Squat down low. Take a few breaths and allow yourself to relax. This isn’t the shameful act you first think it is. This is a sacred cleaning ritual to prepare yourself for communion with another. There is grace in this.

Push out, just like when you poop, to let the nozzle slip inside your beautiful, tight little butthole. This is called “bearing down” (I know, lol). Then, when it’s inside, contract that same muscle. Now squeeze the douche about 1/3 of the way. Pull it out. Now push the water out just like you’re pooping. Take a look at what comes out to get a sense of where your body is at—if the water is completely brown and you feel a bit diarrhea-y, tonight might not be the night for sex. That’s OK.

Refill the douche. This keeps it from putting air bubbles inside your butt. Repeat the procedure aa few times until the water runs clear. Usually this takes two to four squeezes. If you’re upwards of six and it’s still looking messy, maybe your body is telling you tonight is not the night for anal. That’s OK. Your body is in charge here.

Empty the douche and set it down. Take your bottle of Dr. Bronner’s almond liquid soap (do NOT use peppermint—ouchies). Squirt the tiniest amount on your hands and get it sudsy. Squat down again and gently rub your butthole. Don’t scour it. Go lovingly. Touch it with care. Thank it for doing its job as gatekeeper. Tell it about all the pleasure you’re looking forward to tonight. This relationship is important—when your butt trusts you to look out for it, sex is 100x better.

While you’re squatting and soaping, bear down again so you can clean the part of you that your lover is going to touch with his tongue when he pushes it inside. This is how you get yourself clean and tasty so that he wants to rim you deep and enthusiastically and for a good long time.

Stand up and rinse off thoroughly. Bend over a bit, kind of femme and graceful, and bear down one more time to rinse your sphincter with water. Now you’re all ready to go.

Remember, bottoming doesn’t have to hurt. Listen to your body. Go slow. Breathe deep. Relax into it. Tell him what you need to feel good—all he wants, really, is to please you.

I love you. You’re a good boy. You always have been.
Braden Alexander
November 25, 2020, 5:53 pm
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Horny Stuff Volume 4
Dads showing off

I’m skeptical about themes, but there seems to be one running through this one: hunky bull dads showing off to me. Showing me their big hairy cocks, the way they fuck, their new underwear, the liquid that drips from their hard dick, their rosebud and how they like the way it tastes. Woof.

The first bear king breeding here is my friend Mati. Go find him on twitter: @mati2192

The golden daddy who shows up often in this video is a man named Elliot I met on Instagram earlier. He’s thinking of setting up his own JFF. Once he does, I’ll tag him here.

Friends share.

Send me anything hot and horny you want me to share. I make an 8-minute video once week compiling them all together. I throw in a few of me, too, the short clips that don’t warrant their own post. (But are such delights.)

The world is falling apart. Soon we will have to as well, so we can face the ego death required of us now. Let’s do the work with orgasms to help us heal, transform, emerge.
Braden Alexander
November 24, 2020, 5:39 pm
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Me again

These photos come from a photographer friend of mine who wishes, for now, to remain in the shadows. I love this, how we can hide or reveal our digital identities, mostly as we wish. Sometimes we are revealed against our will, a violation. This is how I was outed to my mother at 15.

On this day, D took my photo in my ex's apartment, where I was living at the time. I feel I look busted up and sad in a lot of these photos, but also vulnerable, true, and sometimes sexy. The photo where I show off my bush, that's sexy to me. The rest is what D saw that day, in me. And what I was seeing in him. Our shared sadness, our ridiculous convictions of own unworthiness.

But we found friendship that day too. We even kissed over it. The kiss was soft, like us.

Edit: you can find D on Instagram, the little rascal: @david.trg
Braden Alexander
November 24, 2020, 12:54 pm
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What is coke all about?

I tried it for the first time, at 33. I had never been offered before and I had never asked. What I HAD seen was a brilliant lawyer friend of mine get disbarred from his practice because he was embezzling his firm's money in order to fund his coke habit. He bought for himself and half of gay-curious Winnipeg. Eventually he lost everything, including his life. He was 48 years old, and he was my friend even at the end.

Why do I remember this dire story now? As a warning, to me and to you, that coke feels good to take, and makes one feel quite confident, but it doesn't actually produce the magic you perceive. It's just a little ego trip to take and balance out all that self-hate you've been indulging in for years, decades, let's be honest. This is a safe space for confessions and for experimentations.

Coke was FUN. I would do it again. It is expensive and I do not want to pay for it. I see why party people hop around getting free coke at different parties. I would too, if I had the outfits and the stamina. But I would rather be fucking my lovers.

And this is what happened Saturtnight. Our ego trip lead us straight into conflict. Anis perceived me to be giving more attention to my visiting friend, Cam. I perceived Anis to be ignoring my inquiries into "what the heck is wrong?" I triggered him and his response triggered me. We were at odds.

We talked it out. And then we got down on the kitchen floor and made love. We fucked it out. Will it return again, this shadowy conflict between conscious soul mates? Yes, likely. And we willit with our bodies and our care. We willit with love.
Braden Alexander
November 23, 2020, 8:31 pm
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Tell me what you want from me

"More photos, maybe," someone told me, as a suggestion for how I could have kept him as a subscriber as he left. I wasn't expecting that. All I want to watch are close up breeding videos.

An actor and photographer named Salvo invited me to his studio to take my portrait last winter. [Go find his beautiful work on Instagram: @fotografie_salvo . I felt embodied, unsure, and sexy that day. I could feel the attraction between us charge and grow as we talked about bodies and men and sex, but couldn't fuck. He's in a longterm monogamous partnership with a man I know from Manitoba. I still want Salvo.

When I was preparing to launch this JFF page, I unsure of how often I was going to post. Once a week? A few times a week? Every day? Every day felt good at first—like tending to a garden in the spring. Now, it seems, I have a harder time posting on the weekends, when I'm out there actually having the sex that I document, reflect on, and share with you.

So now I've decided I'll post Monday to Thursday, sometimes twice on those days, making up 5-7 posts per week. And sometimes, when the inspiration flows, I'll add something on the weekends too. That way you, my dear sweet horny reader, can know when to expect fresh content and look forward to it.

I look forward to your lust and, ideally, more comments, questions, and requests! Talk to your boy.

Love, B
Braden Alexander
November 23, 2020, 6:03 pm
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How much is too much?

I woke up in bed with Daddy Bear on Sunday morning. We fucked the night before, and ate, and snuggled. On this day, this stretched out Sunday, we took our time over coffee, talking about our strange inner worlds and laughing over the startling peaceful intimacy growing up between us. I took a shower while he did the dishes. His shower is like a spa—eucalyptus hangs over the shower head, and all his soaps are natural. He has to give me a tour before I shower, so I used them correctly. I love it.

Then we hung out on the couch together and he fucked me twice. One of the videos I posted on here last week, the one where he's poking through the hole in his underwear and we've ripped open a hole in mine, so Big Daddy can get inside me.

I rode my bike home through sleepy Sunday Montreal. For now, home is my lover Anis' home, until I move into my new apartment on December 1. This JFF is what pays my rent, just barely but still, so thank you for contributing to my wellbeing. Anyway, that day I biked home to Anis.

He was excited to hear that Big Daddy had bred me twice and that I still had his love inside me. "Slush Puppy," daddy called me when I left. Anis loves my greed, and enjoying the evidence thereof, so soon he fucked me and filled me as well. Sunday afternoon, fuckin' around.

Later that night, I got horny again, telling a neighbour about my sexual encounters that day. He told me he wanted to fuck me too, feel my ass and add an extra load to the mix. How much is too much?

I said yes. He knew Anis, so the vibe was chill.

This is what's in the video—this friendly neighbour, coming over, so we can explore the limits of pleasure and greed together.

Anis holds the camera for us, until the friendly neighbour grabs it for a POV. Later, Anis joins the fun, so wha you don't see is the ending: Neighbour loading me up while I suck on Anis's swelling cock.

"Are you guys gonna fuck again?" he asked us as he was dressing to leave.

"I don't think so," I said. How much is too much?

But he did. Before bed. And he didn't even cum—but I did. He gave me such pleasure. It was all for me.
Braden Alexander
November 19, 2020, 11:29 pm
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Show nudes

Soft cocks, gentle kisses, marshmallow asses, slow days spent in the furry arms of tender men. This is all I have to share tonight, this quiet November night, when it feels like the energy has gone back inside us all to transform us into whatever we become next. I look inside myself and search for more softness.