• Steve Rickz @Hattrickz91

    May 3, 2020, 9:28 pm (Public) | Report

    A stand alone solo I made up. I like to rock out with my cock out

  • Kiss the cook!👨‍🍳

    2m 47s
  • If you want to see me look cute while singing at decent karaoke performer level. I'm a lot better at playing guitar. ;P

    1m 47s
  • I made a cool lil trailer for my wrestling video. I just thought the song went perfect with this.

    1m 6s
  • 1m 4s
  • Butt Face Squats. Don't miss our flip fuck cumming soon ;)

  • 1m 20s
  • Did anyone else catch this part in my video. Me being a goofball and Pierre had no idea lol

  • Little preview to what I'm working on right now. The actual version has no music. I just fucked around with this lol. This scene is super hardcore though if this is any indication.

  • Starting next week things are really going to be picking up with guy on guy content. I might have 2 scenes next week, then I plan on seeing Gabriel Cross, Frankie Quinn, Jack Menhinick and Mickey Taylor in the UK in the beginning of sept, more scenes after I get home trips to LA and Vegas and then NJ exxxotica should be busy for me in November. I won't be seeing my home much but I will be seeing a lot of cock

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