• Here are ALL the Screenshots from the 2 scenes posted today: My Epic Oral Scene with BigdickFig & Jared's Solo! Happy Valentines Day! 2-14-19

  • Check out this Hot Video "Jared Strokes Our An Afternoon Load Before Picking Cory Up From Work". Jared could get any boy he chooses to come over, yet he seems to prefer jerking off and fucking with his Husband! To Each His Own, I think it's adorable!! Anyway, he turned on the camera to show off for y'all-- It was a beautiful afternoon and he decided to stroke a load out before heading out to pick me up from work! Enjoy! 2-14-19

    Movie Length: 00:08:02
  • Here is the SCORCHIN HOTTTTT 42 minute Video "Big C & BigDickFig Mid-Day Oral Session While Jared Jerks Off Downstairs". So the previously posted 3 Way vid with @RileyMitchelXXX was BigDickFigs FIRST EVER Video. Just 2 days later, I invited him to the Beach House so that we could film on the top floor and capture that epic lighting. Our 2 dicks waving around with that beautiful ocean background is magnificent!! We stroke and suck each other in all types of positions before busting at the SAME TIME. I've been friends with BigDickFig for years, and I know he is smart, hard working, and super sexual. So he should do really well in the Industry!! Right now he is only on Onlyfans, but you can follow him and his Journey on Twitter, his username is BigDickFig. Enjoy, and Happy Valentines Day!!! 2-14-19

    Movie Length: 00:42:45
  • Check out this Throwback Pic from 2012! Jared & I have spent 8 Valentines Dayz together now! We are planning a quiet night at home tonight & I’m gonna get the Epic Oral Vid with Newcomer BigdickFig posted tonight for ya’all... Happy Valentines Day! ❤️ 2-14-19

  • Our Buddy Logan Moore came by to hang out!! It was a rainy Wednesday, Any Guesses How We Kept Busy?! 2-13-19

  • Just met Newcomer @ScottLazarusxxx! Love New Amateurs!! Amazing Chemistry!!! Cumming soon! 2-12-19

    Movie Length: 00:01:48
  • So this boy @HossKado is clearly not only sexy as FUCK, but also smart. He hasn't even got here yet and his promoting skills are impressing the fuck out of me!! Everything about him and this video excites me... Stay Tuned! 2-12-19

    Movie Length: 00:01:09
  • I'm getting alot of questions about the New Website, which I guess is to be expected. The good news is that you all don't have to worry at all. You know I will keep you updated as things progress. I will continue filming and posting here as normal, and the builder of the website will be coordinating everything with Dominic, the owner of JFF. There will likely be some very easy type of link placed here that you will all be able to click over to. Paperwork is signed, the new domain name is purchased, I've already been approving artwork, design, etc... and the site is currently being built. The official forecast is 4 weeks, at which point I will upload everything, and then some... Rest Assured that you all will be kept up to date!! Also, We plan on of course continuing to work with JFF models, so the plan is to have our new site link capable with JFF, so that ultimately we can share traffic and everyone will be Happy! Happiness is the Goal!!! Happy Tuesday! 11-12-19

  • Check out this 1 minute Clip "Teasing @HossKado". He bought his tickets from the NETHERLANDS and ETA is less than 2 weeks! Jared and I had some Fun yesterday and wanted to tease Hoss on Twitter!! We can't wait do all sorts of fun and nasty thingzzz to that sexy boy!! Stay Tuned! 2-11-19

    Movie Length: 00:01:33
  • Here are all the Recent Pics from the last few weeks... Enjoy!

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