• WOW! Over $500 in tips in under 24 hours! Thank you all for the initial support, it's really going to help me keep making good content. Big kisses to my loyal fans.

    Speaking of content, I was unable to complete the video for last Black Friday! So sorry mates BUT guess what? Here's a small preview of it <3 I'll drop it later this week!

    Also to new visitors coming from the ads I set up, if you dare charge-back, WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A PROBLEM. Contact me if you didn't think my content was up to par or if you want a piece of my mind!

  • Maybe you can't tell but my little lass Naomi here had a little bit too much to smoke before our shoot 🌿🌿

    And FYI, now that I'm verified, I'll start uploading some of my favorite foot fucks to this space! (ONLY for subscribers 😚) Keep an eye out! Oh and my pictures will always be free to non-subscribers as well (not forgetting you guys <3 ) BUUUTTT.... my more NSFW pictures will be for the subscribers πŸ˜‰

  • Hey everyone, thanks for joining me here. I'm glad that I can start afresh after leaving the studio contract. Happy that I'm an independent creator for once!

    If it's your first time here and you genuinely have no idea about what I do: sit back, relax and get ready for a world of feet! Thank you @JustForFans for this stellar platform. #AshokThomas

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