• CaDom8258 @dom8258

    February 13, 2020, 7:35 am (Subscribers) | Report

    A recent session with the slave while traveling. Still working on stretching its ass. Will be a while before I can fist it.

    Movie Length: 00:15:11
  • CaDom8258 @dom8258

    February 11, 2020, 6:06 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    It blows out it’s asshole when I tell it to. Wait till the end.

    Movie Length: 00:01:42
  • CaDom8258 @dom8258

    February 11, 2020, 5:34 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    Slave being hung by his undies lol

    Movie Length: 00:39
  • CaDom8258 @dom8258

    January 31, 2020, 11:54 am (Subscribers) | Report

    The very first wedgie session with the slave. I was thinking a little outside of the box, with limited supplies. The slave fucking loved it, and asked afterward if we could do more of it. Must have been the combination of humiliation and the sensation of loss of control through suspension.

  • CaDom8258 @dom8258

    January 29, 2020, 11:48 am (Subscribers) | Report

    The slave likes to be kept ridged. I am sure it is tied into its need to give up a control. The leather straps were given to me by the head of Mr S's leather department. I had ordered a custom made pony gear that didn't turn out quite like I expected, and theses were a consolation prize. I love them and use them often to bind the slave. I can go from completely mobile to completely bound in a matter of minutes.

  • CaDom8258 @dom8258

    January 25, 2020, 11:42 am (Subscribers) | Report

    One of my favorite sessions with the slave. I am a huge "cowboy" fan, and have been most of my life. One of the best things I like about owning a male slave is that I get to live out every fantasy I ever have had. The slave exists to turn me on. And if I want it to be a cowboy, then it embraces being a cowboy. This is the first pair of boots I had bought for the slave.

  • CaDom8258 @dom8258

    January 24, 2020, 5:42 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    Anyone just kicking back and relaxing this weekend?

    Movie Length: 00:41
  • CaDom8258 @dom8258

    January 24, 2020, 5:39 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    Slave being talked down to and degraded like the thing that it is. Verbal degradation at it's finest.

    Movie Length: 00:05:17
  • CaDom8258 @dom8258

    January 19, 2020, 11:41 am (Subscribers) | Report

    A little food play with the slave.

  • CaDom8258 @dom8258

    January 16, 2020, 5:57 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    Just a little food play with the slave.

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