• Well I’ve been a busy boy! Can’t wait to edit and post a new vid this weekend during my down time in NYC. If you’re in Manhattan this weekend and wanna film send me a message!

    Movie Length: 00:10
  • New video coming soon with a sexy newcummer Tyler Dickson. He’s got such a tasty pink hole

    Movie Length: 00:46
  • Leave a comment below!

  • Just a little teasing to get you excited for the last Monday of 2019

    Movie Length: 00:59
  • Because there was just sooo much content and I’m excited to show it to you guys, here is a sneak peek of my video with Riley Mitchel dropping tomorrow. 😉

    Movie Length: 00:60
  • Be sure to check out my other posts on social media! New video out tomorrow 😘

    Movie Length: 00:5
  • Here’s a freebie for y’all. Just giving myself some self love 😉

    Movie Length: 00:06:28
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