• Sent these to my agent

  • Body Check!!! More Tattoos would be nice πŸ‘πŸΎ

  • Oops! I nutted all on the couch 🀭

  • Up Close and Personal w/ the Cock

  • Since my workout is done what kind of content should I make?

  • Who would suck my dick while I’m on the toilet? I know some of you motherfuckers would love to serve daddy just like that...

  • What are we doing today other than working out? I’m about to hit the book store maybe we can come up with something that would put a smile on your day 😎

  • I was out all day today, but decided to come home to a small workout. I have BIG DADDY goals for 2020, but becoming Daddy can be hard when you can’t focus on working out all the time but, anyway hoping in the shower before bed. Anybody got any ideas so some content I should make?

  • So Horny Lately πŸ† I want my ass licked like this

  • I really miss jerkin off for you guys 😎

    3m 5s
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