• Thanks those who have stuck me out... let’s add some content for the real MVPs. More to come from my summer adventures ;)

  • 😈

  • I kinda shot

    Movie Length: 00:24
  • Just a fun little pic from when I was in the army

  • Gym time 😝

  • 🐷

    Movie Length: 00:28
  • unedited as requested. thanks for the patience y'all.

    Movie Length: 00:11:50
  • Fun little animation

    Movie Length: 00:3
  • Shooter today, 7 min video to be posted later today (after I wake up, I just got off work) 😝

    Movie Length: 00:14
  • Its always awkward when I am 5’9 and he is 6’4. At least my dick still looks big next to the big guy 😝

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