• Lol I lied the nex two weeks are me fucking the piss outta this pig.

  • Free Bonus Video: Sloppy Sling Fuck, Part 1 - Fucking my favorite married cumdump in my sling. His hole to start cumming pretty quickly, and you can see just how wet he. Some of what's dripping down is his own piss! This was a really hot fuck. This is just one angle I originally recorded this fuck from, but the other's are lost to the hard-drive demons. It's actually a pretty solid video, though the focus seems to act up sometimes. You'll see more of why I didn't release this in one part as a full video next week.

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  • This and next week's bonus video is another lost one, featuring my favorite married cumdump.

  • Dom N. Ation @PornAndProse

    May 17, 2020, 12:00 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    Chubby Furry Fuck - This is officially the last thing I filmed before the lockdown happened. Had my sexy bear friend from Georgia down once again, and made good use of him. Took his time to work his mouth and throat on my cock, with the help of some poppers of course. What we were both really after, though, was the fuck. It didn't take long once I got my dick in him for him to start cumming over and over. Had to put a towel down cause the poor thing kept spraying piss everywhere. You know I love my squirters.

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  • Next week's premium video: Furry Chubby Fuck!

  • Free Video - Ginger Daddy Cock Worship - Another set of clips that was part of a longer video that was unfortunately lost. You can see in the middle when we switch from his mouth to his ass for a little bit of play, but sadly most of the fucking is what was lost. I assure you though, this daddy left with my load in his ass. So, what you get ten minutes of me getting my cock worshiped. Lots of deep throating, some face fucking, plenty of ball licking. Hope I can show you the full thing one day.

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  • This week's bondus video: Ginger Daddy Cock Worship! Drops in two days!

  • Dom N. Ation @PornAndProse

    May 10, 2020, 12:00 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    Pup Stuffing - One of my last pre-corona sessions. Had Pup Beejay over because I was in the mood to suck and squeeze on some big boy titties (scroll back a few weeks for THAT video), and once I was done, I threw his legs up and bounded that puppy pussy of his. Put that puppy mouth to work too, choking on my dick and eating my ass good and deep. Had a lot of fun stretching his holes, and as soon as this pandemic is over I'll be sure to stretch them again.

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  • Dom N. Ation @PornAndProse

    May 8, 2020, 12:00 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    Next week: dick suck, ass eating, and hole breeding action!

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  • Cumless Cumdump - That is probably the saddest title for a video I've ever released. These clips were taken from two much larger, longer videos that I lost the additional footage for. I'm hopeful I can get that footage back, but until then I'm not gonna let what I do have go to waste. Not right now at least. So, for now, enjoy this bonus video of my fucking my favorite daddy cumdump, just without the cumming. New premium video in a few days!

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