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    Self-Started Sloppy Seconds

    Just as the title says, the bottom in this video was pre-loaded, by myself. This is the same boy from this weeks premium video, "Loud Bottom, Wet Hole." After I finished loading him up in THAT video, I was still horny. Much like I always am. Since he wasn't going anywhere yet, I flipped him over, sank my dick back into that warm wet hole and dumped load #2.

    Movie Length: 00:05:34
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    SF Cumdump Farewell Fuck

    I featured this cumdump boy in a few videos this year. I fucked him almost every day I was there for Dore. This was my last fuck before flying back home, and this boy was so dedicated that after I finished breeding him, he paid for my Lyft to the airport. Miss this boy and his hole and already looking forward to making him my go-to cumdump again next year!

    Movie Length: 00:03:50
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    Married Daddy Pussy

    This daddy hits me up whenever his wife goes out of town. He loves to come over and throw his legs up or bend over to get my cock in his hungry cunt. And I certainly don't mind giving it to him. This is a few different clips of me breeding his pussy over the last year. Looking forward to filming more with him real soon.

    Movie Length: 00:06:21
  • Preview for next week's video, in which this vocal boy's tight hole was creaming on my dick in no time.

  • Previews for next week's video! Wore this boy's fat ass out, and then loaded it up. Video drops Sunday!

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    Sloppy Seconds Breeding

    This is actually a part 2 to NEXT weeks video, Big Load for a Fat Ass. After fucking and breeding @bear_chitect, I was still pretty horny. Shocking, I know. But, since I had such a willing and well used hole at my disposal, I did what any pig top would do, and I fucked it again. And dumped another load.

    I particularly like the second half of the video, where you can see a combination of my cum and his ass cream on my cock while I'm fucking him. What you CAN'T see is the big puddle of piss I fucked out of him underneath.

    You're gonna LOVE next week's video.

    Movie Length: 00:03:51
  • Stills for this week's video! A stuffed, creampied, and glazed ass.

  • Red-light Blowjob

    Not red like a traffic light, just like, I had red lighting in my room at the time. This is just a old fashioned blowjob video. A very good blowjob, at that. My sucker was very eager, there's lots of deep-throating, and of course I fill the boy's belly with my load at the end. Can't let any of that go to waste!

    Movie Length: 00:05:00
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