• Stuffing this ginger daddy's cunt again in next week's video!

  • Free Bonus Video: Flip Flop Threeway Fuck, Part 1 - Had a visitor, so of course made the most of it and grabbed the houseboy to take turns on his hole. And the houseboy's hole. There's a lot of hole swapping in this one. A lot of rimming too. Overall it was just a lot of fucking fun. And you'll get more of the same in part two next week!

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  • Fucking this sexy boy's hole in my next video. Made it cream over and over and over...

  • Free Bonus Video: Riding That Ass All the Way Home - Viewers of my other videos should recognize those hirsute hindquarters by now. I bend his jock-clad ass over and work my dick in to open him up. Then after a few minutes, push him onto his stomach and move the camera so I can be a little more "hands on." I use his mouth to get my dick hard while I play with his tits, and then I climb on top of his ass and ride him until I blow my load deep in his ass. See if you can count how many times he came hands free on my dick!

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  • Free Bonus Video: Titty Sucking & Chest Painting - One last video from my visit with @bear_chitexxx, this time some more titty sucking! I know you're probably sick of them by now but I can't help it, I just love getting my mouth around and nursing on some big-boy titties. after I had my fill this time, I sit on the boys chest and run my cock between his furry tits before I jerk off and blow my load all over them. I even get some nice clean-up at the end.

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  • Free Bonus Video: Quick Daddy Pounding - Got to see @DaddyJimiZ after a few months absence and we had a nice visit. Lots of making out and groping before I flip him over and eat that hairy daddy hole of his. Then I climb right on up and slip my cock right in. Had those toes of his curling in no time, and I love hearing him moan while I've got him bent in half underneath me. No cumshot, but still lots of fun.

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  • Last set of forgotten stills, this time from Big Furry Butt Breeding. Half that white is my cum and the other half is cream from @bear_chitexxx's pussy.

  • Free Bonus Video: Titty Sucking & Butt Fucking - I've been fucking this ginger daddy for a while, he's in a few of my other videos. I've got a full length fuck-and-breed in the queue, but for this video I was in the mood for something different. Laid him on his back and sucked and chewed on those daddy tits for a while, before I bend him over to use that daddy pussy, which started creaming on my dick right away. Should be seeing and breeding him again real soon.

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  • More forgotten stills, this time from AirBn-Blowjob!

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