• @FFurryStud and I have been asked forever how we make such consistent quality J-Lube, and we decided to take some time to show your our quick and easy method for mixing J-Lube that should have you all ready for a play session in under a minute! The custom fisting harnesses you see us wearing in this video are by a company called CockEyeKink! Look them up on Twitter or Instagram as they have amazing products and you can get virtually any design custom cut onto a harness! NOT SPONSORED BY JLUBE!

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  • Here's another sneak peek into my personal life with an unboxing video of my new Rogue statue from Sideshow Collectibles! One thing you guys might not know about me is I collect Premium Format Figures and Maquettes from Sideshow, I have been collecting these for about 9 years now. They're my one big vice (aside from spending money on fisting stuff LOL). But anyways here's a little look into our non-sexual personalities and geekdom, enjoy the video! The next unboxing I'll do is Emma Frost when she comes in a few weeks!

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  • We are so excited to share this video with you guys! Earlier this week, @FFurryStud and I asked you guys on Twitter for some questions you might have for us regarding fisting, porn, or whatever you wanted to know. Last night, we answered 11 of those questions in a one hour long Q&A. The questions we answered range from techniques on how to clean out, how we got into fisting, porn stars we'd like to play with, how we met and more. And of course, because you guys know how much we looooove to eat, we decided we'd do it all over a giant Dominos pizza and cheese bread. Enjoy the video guys, and if you'd like to see more stuff like this please let us know!

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  • So last night I competed for Mr. Florida Rubber here in Fort Lauderdale, FL! While I didn't actually win the competition (I came in 2nd), I had an amazing time representing Fort Lauderdale and the fisting community! I compiled the three sections that my friend @RaunchyWolf1 filmed for me into a video to share with you guys, make sure to check out the fisting fantasy portion with @FFurryStud as that's hands down my favorite part of the entire night!

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  • This is a sneak peek into the normal side of my life! Or rather, the non-sexual side. I am a huge comic book geek and I have been collecting Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Figures for the last nine years or so! I usually get a few each year. Today I finally got the Miles Morales Spider-Man that I ordered early last year, so I figured I would do a little unboxing video and give you guys a little glimpse into my regular, normal, every day life with @FFurryStud :-) Enjoy.

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  • And as promised, here is the second (longer) clip from our live show at CumUnion. Watch @FFurryStud and I beat the shit out of eachother's holes in front of an audience at The Crew Club in Washington, DC! I've also gone ahead and attached the second half of our interview as well.

    Fort Troff: You guys are experts at fisting that’s for sure! What advice or tips do you have for someone that is interested in trying fisting for the first time?

    HungerFF: So for me the biggest piece of advice that I can give to guys that are interested in getting fisted is to stay as clear headed as possible (sober) and remember that it’s not a race. There’s a lot of guys who PNP when they fist, and that isn’t what we’re about at all. I’m in recovery and FFurryStud is sober and we only play with guys who don’t party. So many guys get injured because they’re taking drugs while they’re fisting, and with something as serious as fisting it’s important to stay connected to your body and take things slow. A lot of guys ask me what they can do to “get elbow deep faster” or “take doubles faster” but the truth is it all takes time. I didn’t get this deep or wide overnight! It took years and years of regular fisting before I could do the things I can do now, so I just say practice makes perfect and be patient and easy on yourself.

    FFurryStud: So I actually have some pretty good insight on this question because I just got fisted for the first time maybe six months ago or so? When I first met HungerFF, I was pretty much a total top but I really wanted to get into fisting. So, we worked at it a few times a week, stretching and playing. Whenever I would have free time, I would always be sitting on toys and playing with my hole. I wanted it to happen so bad! With enough time and practice and patience, eventually we were able to get his fist inside me for the first time (and we even caught it on video!). It was really a cool and special moment for me, to share that with him. I think a big thing I can suggest for new guys getting into fisting is to make sure you find someone you can trust, someone to guide you through the experience and make sure that you feel comfortable and safe.

    Fort Troff: FFurryStud after the show I heard you say that you loved the HandBaller 14.0. What is it about the HandBaller that makes it exceptional?

    FFurryStud: So I’ve always been a big toy guy (you should see the collection of dildos we have at home) and I obviously love fisting so the HandBaller 14.0 is a great combination of both! It’s actually a great medium sized hand so it’s not too overwhelming going in, and the material is soft and easy to take up my hole. We definitely can’t wait to film a few videos for our channels using the toy on each other.

    If you're interested in picking up the toys that you saw us demo in the video, you can purchase it by heading over to the Fort Troff website.

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  • So my boyfriend @FFurryStud and I were super excited to be offered the chance to perform a live fisting and toy demo at The Crew Club in Washington, DC, for their CumUnion party sponsored by Fort Troff at MAL 2019. The show was amazing, and Fort Troff treated us so well. The toys they had us demo were a lot of fun and they even let us keep them at the end!

    We were even more excited when afterwards they asked us if we would be willing to do an interview with them for their blog. I've gone ahead and copied over the text of the interview here (the first half) and attached a short clip of the first part of the live show as well. Look for another post with the second half of the interview and the other video too. Hope you guys enjoy it!

    Fort Troff: One of the first things that I noticed about you two is how savvy you are about building your own brand. For example, you prefer to use your screen names (@HungerFF & @FFuryStud) instead of more traditional stage names. Do you expect this to become a broader trend with more adult performers?

    HungerFF: Thank you for that! You must be talking about our latex suits with our names printed on the back 🙂 So the story behind my decision in using a screen name is kind of fun and has a little history to it. A lot of people already know this but back in 2007-2009 I was an exclusive for Raging Stallion Studios under the name RJ Danvers. After I “retired” from the industry, I took a long time to just be a regular guy and fell as far off the radar as possible. As time went on (and I became single again), I decided to start posting amateur fisting videos on xTube again under the name “HungerFF”. For the longest time I was hiding my face, but it didn’t take long for guys to connect my tattoos to my old days with Raging Stallion and eventually I figured it was time to just start showing my face again. HungerFF stuck, and it’s kind of like a new chapter for me so I was happy to leave the name RJ Danvers behind. Once I met my boyfriend and he decided he wanted to make a Twitter account and make videos with me, we toyed around with handles until we came up with FFurryStud. As far as other guys using screen names rather than porn names, I’m not sure if this will become a trend or not. I know that for the amateur fisting community on Twitter and xTube, almost all of us go by our screen names and brand ourselves and all of our gear with our names. A lot of these guys hide their faces (including FFurryStud in the beginning until we did a super dramatic and extra unmasking video), so at events like Fist Fest or some of the fisting socials, there will be little name tags given out with our screen names on them so we can identify each other 🙂

    Fort Troff: Hey HungerFF and FFurryStud, You guys have been in the adult industry for a while What is it that you love about what you do?

    FFurryStud: Well HungerFF has been in and out of the industry a lot longer than I have been (over 10 years), I’m still pretty new to all of this but I am loving it so far. Being in porn has always been a fantasy of mine. I started out just appearing in his Just For Fans and xTube videos wearing a mask, and then as time went on I became more comfortable with the idea of showing my face on camera. I wanted guys to really see the connection that I have with HungerFF. I decided to start my own fan page where I could focus on a wider variety of kinks and fetishes other than just fisting, like glory holes, anonymous sex, water sports. I think what separates the videos that we make for our fan channels from other guys is that there is always a super hot connection because we both really love each other and love what we’re doing to each other.

    Fort Troff: Most people are afraid to speaking in front of a crowd. But you guys make performing a live sex show look easy. What is something you do to help you stay focused during a live sex show?

    HungerFF: So I’m kind of weird, I’ve always been freakishly comfortable with being naked in front of crowds like at the live show. It’s like when it comes to sex (particularly fisting) I get a big rush of confidence. I really fetishize the aspect of being watched, so I feed off crowds during live shows like that. I get off on the fact that most of the guys seeing me getting fisted to the bicep are seeing something that they never thought was humanly possible and I love seeing the reactions on their faces. As far as staying focused, I always have such amazing chemistry with FFurryStud and the sex we have (whether its alone in our house, on a video, or in front of a crowd) is always fun and piggy so it’s easy to stay in the moment.

    Movie Length: 00:02:16
  • Merry Christmas everyone! @FFurryStud and I are super grateful for all of your support this year! It has been amazing getting to know each other and falling in love (more or less always with a camera rolling). We thought we would share a private, non sexual moment with you guys as we unwrapped our Christmas presents this year! There's some really cute and fun moments in this video.

    We look forward to making tons more XXX videos with the best fisting content on the internet all throughout next year for you guys! Make sure to keep following us for more videos, and while you're at it check out @FfurryStud for access to all his adventures as well! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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  • Amerifist and I go way, way back! He was actually one of the very first guys to ever fist fuck my hole back when I was just 18 or 19 years old! Since then... a lot has changed to say the least! I got the chance to meet up and play with him again this year at Dore Alley in San Francisco, CA!

    I'm releasing this video FOR FREE here exclusively on my Just For Fans page. If you're on the fence about subscribing to my channel, this is a good representation of the kinds of videos you can expect from me TWICE A WEEK. I play with the best fist pigs around the world, and we record the most authentic, raw, real fisting action on the internet! You won't be disappointed!

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