• Pg-13 pictures I’ll share with all fans- the mother of my host guy aleksey, literally had a SAUSAGE waiting for me, how great is that! And she’s a RUSSIAN POLICE OFFICER; let me wear her hat! How great is this! 😂

  • Have content shot, but having issues uploading it to JFF. Getting a little upset that images are being capped at 3MB..,how the heck are we supposed to NOT take a pic above that?

  • New post coming in the morning before I Shoot out to Asia...but daily vids and rants from there!

    Picture here is me with my mentor last night before i left, installing a new oil tank in my garage!

  • By the way; the results of that Tristan Baldwin cooking episode yesterday. How’s that for pink; and by the way- $18.00 on meat; and I could feed 8-9 guys no problem.

    So which of you are coming over?

  • Myself and the little Maddymuffin, at Dad's place. Things like this, I'll obviously have Public!

  • Good morning Twitterland / Just for Fans! Will be dumping a ton of past private pictures and candids on here right now...in advance of a trip to Asia next week. Then, there'll be daily video updates(wifi permitting), from each location I visit! Tristan's travel guide will be in full effect! Hong Kong, Hanoi, Bangkok, Phuket, Singapore! Hope you all are well!

  • That look you make when it's time to actually lift in the gym instead of just take selfies.... #IMADOUCHEBAGSOMETIMES #OKALLTHETIME

  • Something tells me my lucky shirt isn't so lucky anymore.(Use this shirt to chainsaw in...)

  • Flashback pic with Rio Garza, from Can-Am and BG-East!

  • More...