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    8. What's dating me is like when you THINK you are a DOM -- Part 1.

    It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon. You have just woken up, having spent the night on your sofa. You have fallen asleep while watching Bake Off re-runs and eating take-away, but it is a comfy sofa and you do have a cosy throw, so you didn’t actually bother with going to the bedroom when you woke up for the first time early this morning. You sit up, and a copy of 50 Shades of Grey falls off your pillow. Oh yes!!! You forgot! You have finished THE BOOK! Your girlfriend must have forgotten it when she moved out, having dumped your sorry ass for being too much of a lazy house slob and never wanting to do anything beside telly on the weekends.  Did I say girlfriend? EX girlfriend.

    You look back at the book, on the floor, and smile! But yes, of course! It makes perfect sense now! The reason your relationship failed, the reason all of them fail, the reason even Tinder dates don’t call you back is because you are, and having read THE BOOK you are now 100% sure -- you are a Dominant man, and they were not submissive enough for you. Yes, yes, that’s it! You, a surprisingly overweight guy in your late 20es who hasn’t left the house since he got back from work on Friday, in a very junior role and currently on probation for accidentally sending a dick pic to your male boss, right now struggling to find your second slipper somewhere under the sofa, amidst a pile of car magazines, some dirty clothes, and an old greasy pizza box, wearing a stretched out formerly white, now itself some 50 shades of grey T-shirt, adorned with both ketchup and mustard stains, and in underpants that look like they are a heirloom from a family with a history of digestive issues -- yes, YOU are the living embodiment of an elusive and mysterious kinky billionaire Christian Grey! And now all the women will fall to your feet! You decide to give up your search for the 2nd slipper, and stand up. A few crisps come tumbling onto the floor. “Strange, I do not even remember eating these last night.” -- you think to yourself. -- You pick up the biggest one and eat it.

    You go to your dining table, and make room for your iPad, by pushing everything aside. You open browser, and type in D O M I N A N T, thinking to look at what dominant men are like, at least in the eyes of the society, but the first search suggestion is for dominant women. “Oh yeah!” -- you say out loud, and click “images”. After a few glances, on this ill-fated Sunday afternoon, you come across my picture, and after an even shorter research, you find me on Instagram.

    The rest is as follows:

    Instagram DM, to my account that asks for NO DMs, please:

    -- HI

    Pleased with yourself, and with a feeling of an accomplished mission, you go to the loo. You come back, good half an hour later, having jerked off in the shower because the idea of meeting me has gotten you all hot and bothered. You are now wearing an old dusty pink bathrobe -- yet another remnant of your ex -- to find that your message has neither been read, nor replied to. You think a little, and your brilliant mind produces another pearl:

    -- HOT! [aubergine emoji] [water drops emoji] 

    ALL from the mind that brought us the “HI”...

    In about an hour, you realise that I probably won’t read your messages on there, nor respond to them. You actually bother to click onto my profile, and find the email in my contact details. Score 1 for thorough investigation and due diligence.

    You write:

    Subject: Your Christian Grey.

    Hi, I have come across your insta and you look hot, it says you are a domme but I think all this is only to show, and that what you really need is this hot young buck to bend you over the table and fuck you. Agreed?

    C G

    And you attach a dick pic. Yup, same one you’ve sent to your boss. It actually isn’t even your own dick pic, your dick is shorter than that and has too much foreskin, so you use the one you once got sent by some drunk guy on Snapchat, who thought you were a girl. Clever!

    To be continued in the next post...

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    7. What you THINK dating me will be like when you are...SUBMISSIVE

    Based on some of the responses and expectations that I, and quite a few of my colleagues, have gotten over the years. Fellow Dommes, my heart goes out to you!

    It is a beautiful Sunday morning on a warm summer day. You wake up because you are getting a bit thirsty, and you realise that the blanket is gone, you are tied up to my four poster bed, spread eagle, and you  must have been blindfolded and gagged. With what appears to be the Agent Provocateur panties I was wearing last night. You cannot be sure, but you think you can make out the embroidery pattern with your tongue. You smile to yourself -- your life is actually going great right now, you have just got your promotion this Friday, and we have been celebrating over the weekend...And then you hear the sound of sky high platform patent leather heels, approaching you from afar...

    I enter stage left, wearing a a skin-tight, shiny black latex catsuit, a corset, my latex Catwoman mask and, of course, those sky-high patent leather ankle boots, carrying that Swarowski crystals studded AP whip. For some strange reason, my delightful derriere is twice the size it is now, and my breasts are of the size that would definitely obscure any plate on a dining table completely out of the view.

    -- Wake up, you filthy lowly maggot! -- I say, loudly, upon entering the room. -- You lazy cock-womble! Feeling thirsty, are you? Well your Mistress has got something for you to drink! And don’t you dare to spill even one drop, or your ass will be sorry, you pathetic faggot! You disgust me...

    -- Mmmmm mmm mm mmmm mmm! -- you mumble through my panties, as your dick gets rock hard.

    -- Shut up, stinky skin tag! Ohh, look, your tiny excuse of a cock is dripping pre-cum already! Hahahaha! You are just a poor excuse for a man, aren’t you! I should lock you up in chastity forever and only let you watch me fucking strong, young studs! And if you are a good boy, let you suck their cocks after they’ve cum! -- I slap your cock with my whip, you moan and squeal first, but then start wiggling and rubbing up against my whip with your rock hard member begging for any attention at all...

    -- Awwwww, how ridiculous, hahaha! My girlfriends would have really laughed at you right now! Look at you trying to rub up against my whip! Let’s see how you are going to rub up against this then!!! -- I say, as you hear my crotch zipper being unzipped. [I have no idea how you can hear the zipper difference, but I am willing to roll with that thought!] I get onto the bed, and plant my butt on your gagged, blindfolded face! -- There, rub up against this, worm! If I thought you deserved it I’d have given you something to drink right now... But you are much too pathetic for it, and...


    Aaaaaaaand...........you came! That’s it, the fantasy is over, because you have just cum all over yourself, alone, in your own bed, on this beautiful Sunday morning on a warm summer day. And you pretty much do this every time you try to imagine having a relationship with a Dominatrix! This literally is the furthest you have ever gotten in your quest.

    You started well, and with the best of intentions, thinking how lovely it would be to find someone you connect with, and from whom you won’t have to hide your sexual preferences. But somewhere half way down that noble path you have casually broken into a wank, and it all went downhill from there. [And now you owe me yet more wanker tax!]

    This is the level of objectification most even remotely kinky men with a pulse show towards us. Secretly, of course! The scenarios may differ, but the result is inevitably the same. It is almost impossible to disengage the look and the hopes and expectations from the embodiment of the idea they are attached to. We so rarely appear in any other dimension that even trying to imagine calling a Dominatrix by her first name at a dinner might feel like a sacrilege.

    What I am saying may seem like scorn, but it isn’t -- most of us spend a lot of money and effort to appear as unapproachable divine beings who glow in the dark and walk on clouds, and we make good money out of that image. Cultivating a persona and then living in it like a hermit crab in a shell is often much easier, and, indeed, a preferred option. It protects us, from the prying eye and the predators.  But that perception is as realistic as the messages from those “I have never actually seen a Dominatrix in real life but I am a definite no-limits slave and I will do anything for you; but no, no I won’t take my socks off, I am shy” people. 

    The reality, however, is a far harsher Mistress than I could ever aspire to be...

    And you read it all, laughed about it, thought about it. And in the end, decided to jerk off again, this time slower...

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    6. What you THINK dating me will be like when you are...VANILLA.

    Based on some of the responses and expectations that I have got over the years and last week. Fellow Dommes and strong independent women are advised to have a leak-proof vomit recipient nearby in case of urgent hurling.

    It is a beautiful Sunday morning on a warm summer day. You wake up to a fresh breeze of fresh air coming from a slightly open window, to the bird song and some very distant murmuring of an old sax player somewhere in the park. You sit up in the bed, and glance out of the window. The sky is strikingly blue, and the sunlit uplands stretch all the way to the horizon. You smile to yourself – your life is actually going great right now, you have just got your promotion this Friday, and we have been celebrating over the weekend…

    I enter stage left, wearing a blush pink knee length skater dress (tight on the body and the waist, flaring out from there), a string of white pearls around my neck, a cream colour cashmere cardigan and a white lace apron, carrying a big tray. For some strange reason, I am blonde.

    – Good morning, Sunshine! – I say, entering the room. You jump off the bed to help me with the tray.

    – Good morning, Precious! – you lean in to give me a kiss on the cheek – Ohh, pancakes! Now that is a pleasant surprise! Thank you!

    – Yes, I got up to feed the cats, and thought why don’t I, instead of going back to sleep, because I have already slept for 4 hours, treat my Champion to some nice breakfast in bed! I’ve also baked a pecan pie for tea time, and ironed all your shirts for the upcoming week, and colour-matched all your socks! Oh, and I have packed the gifts for your niece’s birthday next weekend!

    – Well someone has been a busy little bee, hasn’t she! Good, for Jesus sees everything, and we will all be rewarded in heaven! – [ I did get a few responses seemingly from the US Bible belt, who took time to tell me to go find Jesus where the sun doesn’t shine. For some reason, it is never Buddha. Nor The Flying Spaghetti Monster!] – I say, I have a little surprise for you, too! I am taking us on a holiday, for the long weekend in two weeks? Cotswolds, baby! I have some holiday days I need to spend before they expire. 

    – Ohhh, how wonderful! Thank you, sweetie! I had a work trip planned for that weekend, but it is silly and unimportant, it is just my work as a, I am ashamed to even say it out loud, as a Dominatrix!!! The only thing that is truly and really important is you, that’s it! 

    – Ahhh, you are such a dear! I was wondering if I should have asked you first, before booking, but I really wanted to surprise you! I am happy you chose me over your… ”job”?

    – But of course, dear! You know I was only ever liking it because I didn’t know that men like you exist, but now that I have found you – and Jesus – [where the sun doesn’t shine!] – I understand how wrong I was to do something that I love, so why don’t I quit doing it completely, in case it interferes with your evening plans. Why don’t we just get married, move to the suburbs, get a puppy, make a few babies. With your new promotion, we won’t need my income anyway! I know you can provide for us…

    – Excellent idea, my Precious! I think you should quit doing that thing, too! I do not understand why you liked it in the first place! 

    And they got married, and lived happily ever after, as upstanding members of their community, raising four lovely children, and died on the same day. Of boredom…

    P.S: If you masturbated to that, first of all, kudos, but you owe me some wanker tax! (It is just like VAT, but on wankers, as my friend John has kindly noticed!)

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    5. Rules_of_Engagement -- Part 2

    If you are lucky, and your DD (Desired Domme) has a paid phone line like NiteFlirt or similar, you can use that instead. Some of these keep you completely anonymous (just do not use your actual name as an avatar!), and you do get to ask all the necessary questions. Anonymity makes is somewhat less scary, too.

    Alternatively, if you have some friends in common, or if you are friendly with some Dommes, you may ask for a formal introduction. NOT all Dommes will do it, NOT all Dommes are friends. But some might...unlikely for free.

    Another option is to start cultivating a social friendship with your Domina. Gifts and/or dates at a social rate (which is usually half that of a session rate) might be more acceptable to all camps, those who do date clients, and those who do not. But friendzone might become the unwelcome result... 

    An important thing to note is, that while a few of us are single, it is often out of conviction and not for the lack of men trying. I think a lot of us wish we’d get swept off our feet, but the lift power necessary to do it can be hard for men to generate. In case you get a negative response, do not take it too personally. I have turned down a few fantastic guys in my life for no other reason than that I was really too busy and in too fast a lane to slow down. And at times I really wished things were different. 

    But maybe this time you’d be lucky? After all, it is just a high stakes gamble...

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    5. Rules_of_Engagement -- Part 1

    But let’s say you ARE, at least in your own opinion, an eligible and desirable bachelor. You have done well for yourself, you are no longer confined to your parents’ basement, you own what you need to own, you have learned what you need to know, and overall, you have a rather pleasant and enjoyable life, full of hobbies other than Netflix. You could have most women you set your mind upon, but your heart wants a Dominatrix, and no amount of therapy has been able to cure your longing... Very well, then! Read along...

    Such a particular case of longing will inevitably be addressed towards a certain special Dominatrix, or at least your own idea of her. You have seen her, somewhere, perhaps online on a search engine, or through some social media post, or at a fetish event, and since then all you have ever wanted was to get to know her. You follow her closely on anything clickable, you now know that you have similar likes and preferences in terms of cuisine, you seem to share the sense of humour, maybe even watch the same TV shows, read the same books. You have grown convinced that you could actually enjoy each other’s company for longer than an hour, and might even be suitable partners for each other. That is how I imagine your situation. I truly hope you are not employing an “any Domme will do!” approach here...

    First thing to remember is that just because you have imagined your Deity like that, doesn’t actually mean she IS just like you imagined her to be. As elusive a breed as true Dominatrices are, we are still very much human beings, annoying as that may seem. You would still need to get to know her, as a human, and as a person, on a personal level, and to see whether your Theory of guesses about her stands the test of harsh reality. The only way you can get to know her is by talking to her in person. Maybe as a client, in a session, maybe as an anonymous client through a phone chat line, maybe as a well-wisher through a gift message via her wishlist. But no third party info will do.

    How you’d choose to approach her will depend entirely on your Domme’s policy on dating. Some will be happy to date a client, some are profoundly against it, so if you just book a session you may get written off forever. And there is a wide variation even between friends there! Some would only date a client, some will never date a client even if he was the last man left on Earth. Some will only date someone submissive, some will never want to “lay with the inferior”... Some would want a fellow kinkster, some would want someone entirely vanilla. So you need to establish two things straight away: 

    1. Why exactly do you want to date her, is it just because she is a Dominatrix, is it just to play out your own unrealistic fantasy, and do you have any idea what dating a Dominatrix actually entails; 
    2. What is her approach to dating, and is she even single and looking, right now, or at all. Maybe she is a lesbian? Maybe she is asexual? Did not think about it, did you?

    And simple as it sounds, it is a tricky situation to navigate. The line between being charming and becoming a creepy stalker is not the thinnest, but it is easy to cross. 

    The best way I see to do it, is by presenting yourself, sans any pictures and as concisely and favourably as possible, via her contact form, but only AFTER you have sent some token of appreciation -- most of us have wishlists where you can even do so anonymously, or include a very brief introduction note saying you will send her an email shortly and you’d appreciate a response. As with many things in our #dommelives, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a gift advance. And we are contacted by freebie-seekers on a daily basis. If a Domme collective were to nominate an Olympic sport, it would be Dodging Freebie-Seekers. 

    I can tell you with a degree of certainty that never has an Agent Provocateur gift certificate been “lost” in the junk mail folder, unlike a free email from some loser promising one in return for a reply. And you do not have to break a bank -- every little helps your cause! But be reasonable -- unless you are chasing after some Twitter “findomme”, no one will be talking to you forever for the price of a pair of AP knickers. This would probably be a faster approach, too. Keep in mind though, you have a very narrow window of opportunity to impress, use it wisely. Telling her that you are an MD at a multinational, love reading Greek mythology, and have trekked across Nepal will probably take you further than telling her you like music, food, and travelling. You think getting a decent Tinder date is difficult?! Haha, sweetie, getting to date a Dominatrix is a whole new level of difficulty in itself! Most of us can tell by the first email if the guy is worth a shot. Play your card right, and you might just get the ear of your Goddess. 

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    4. The_Client vs The_Date

    I have observed a rather funny phenomenon throughout my career. For some reason, wherever I was in the world, men whom I have met in my various pursuits, and who have never seen a BDSM professional themselves, presume that all my clients are some sort of ancient, dust-farting Gargoyles with goat faces and hunched backs and a lot of money. And who still remember the life before WW1 first hand. So they, the “normal men”, therefore are doing me some sort of a favour by asking me out. 

    Now, this opinion of FemDom clients cannot be further from the truth! Actually, in my own stable of clients, after Sesta/Fosta and subsequent closure of Backpage, and because of my own advertising reliance on Instagram, (by the way, check out my @Schrodingersk8 on there, if you haven’t yet!), the age of new clients has been much lower than usual, and I have a growing number of clients younger than myself! Successful worldly professional young men who have already done very well for themselves and can now afford my fees. 

    More so, regardless of their age, not only do my clients treat me with a degree of reverence, not only do they pay for my time, not only they turn up on time and immaculately dressed, in more cases than not they arrive bearing gifts, too! They remember me at Christmas, they remember my birthday, they send treats for Valentine’s days, they bring flowers and gifts for sessions. And a lot of them have been with me for years! When Bataclan terrorist attacks happened in Paris in 2015 I was actually drinking Champagne with a very good client celebrating the birth of his baby daughter earlier that week. When one of my cats suddenly passed away in June of 2016, it was my good old sissy who was there to console me. And with my birthdays, it is usually my clients, not even my parents, who are the first to congratulate me! :)) And it is not just the regular clients, the trend for the new clients to come with basket offerings to make a favourable impression for the future partnership is growing… Men have always needed to impress, especially a woman they hold in high esteem and for whose time they are willing to pay. As a friend of male persuasion once said to me, ‘men just throw money at you, don’t they?’ Yes, they do, and may God bless them for doing so…

    With all this said, try and compare The Client to the usual date applicant, off Tinder or off a bar lounge. When the first line out of a loser on Tinder is “please don’t fall in love with me, coz all women do!” Or an entertaining story of a guy telling you how drunk he got on weekend and how he accidentally puked on his own shoes and his mom had to clean up after him. The Date, as well, will inadvertently be late, look somewhat scruffy, will expect me to pay for my own coffee and also for him to get a shag out of it…

    This stark contrast, between The Client, bearing gifts, and The Date, bearing nothing but foul memories of those 20 minutes I will never get back, is enough to create the deep cognitive dissonance even in the strongest mind. Now, take that dissonance, of The Date, and multiply it by a million. THAT will be the grade of ridicule I feel towards strangers from the Internet writing to me asking me if I want a relationship with them. Not even going to spend on his own coffee (mom makes better coffee and she brings it to his basement), but is willing to marry me and expects me to agree. Abuse of how undeserving of his attention I am starts at 48hrs after his message gets binned without reply…

    I wish I could say that I am the only one in this boat, but a lot of my fellow Dommes complain of the same. And it is a numbers game, with the odds stacked strongly NOT in our favour. So, next time you want to write to a Dominatrix you have never seen, from across the world, to ask her out on a free date next time she is on a work tour in your part of the world, because you think you are so wonderful – just stop yourself. Full stop! The ones who are looking to “free date” are usually on some form of a conventional dating medium. And the ones that are not, will not be thrilled by yet another freeloading time-waster.

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    3. The_DommeLife

    Now, I think we can all agree on the fact that any sort of relationship or dating has to organically fit into one’s life and bring some sort of benefits to both parties. For it is silly to have any sort of engagement that creates more problems than it solves. 

    This stance gets further complicated by the known phenomenon of #DommeLife. You may have seen me use this hashtag in my posts before, sometimes ironically, sometimes not. DommeLife means both a rather peculiar schedule, a certain attitude to time and its value, requirement for high organisational skills, a talent for research, flexibility, and alike. Most of the guys who have ever contacted me work 9-6 jobs, or a similar schedule. I do not. For me, waking up before 9 am is serious overachieving, haha! 

    But a lot of hours per day are spent either in sessions, in photo-shoots, doing the necessary self-maintenance or doing work admin, or, more often than not, ALL of the above and at once. On busy days, or on tour, I may have just 45 minutes in between the sessions, and a lunch of two bites of a sandwich. Reading someone’s butt-hurt messages of how I ignored them all day and they missed me, after a day like that, is not my idea of cute. I am not 12, I consider it pathetic.

    My peak work hours are lunch times and after work hours. It actually means that agreeing to go on a date with someone “for a coffee at lunch, or a drink after work, to see how we get on”, has a potential for:
    1) Incessant whinging of the “free date” if I cancel, due to a work appointment, despite the fact that I did warn of such possibility;
    2) A brilliant opportunity to lose anywhere between €500-€1000 if I do not cancel the “free drink”.

    For the first few years I have tried to combine a bit of social dating with work, then I did the Maths, and kicked myself in the shin. And honestly, in the last six years, very few of such “free dates” I had were worth the time or the price of a simple coffee. Quite a few were a pure waste of make up! Want to know why? Stay tuned...

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    2. The_Background

    ...or What Makes Me Qualified to answer these questions...

    As many of you know, my name is K8 Morgan, or Mistress K8, for most, and I have been a Professional Dominatrix for 6 years and counting. You may learn more about me at K8Morgan.com, if you are so inclined. I am currently very single, but I have two deligtful little ex-husbands, four cats (two cats per ex-husband, it is the law here!), an a normal human paid cat nanny, to make sure that we all -- cats and I -- remain presentable to the world throughout the day. 

    I currently live in Spain, on my own, with cats, but I have lived in seven countries in my life, and on three continents. In a year Spain will become the most prolific residence I’ve ever held. I speak four languages fluently, English being my main, but third, language. I have a University degree, and a few non-related qualifications. 

    I have summoned the courage to take a sabbatical leave off work to become a Professional Dominatrix after my second divorce. I originally planned it as “the year I was a Pro Domme”, but that was six years ago. I have kept myself out of any meaningful relationships for the most part of the last six years. First four years was perhaps unintentionally, last two with full intention... Why so?

    For that answer, you would have to wait for my next post! Very One Thousand and One Nights of me, I know!

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    Hello, my kind and curious readers, and welcome to my brand new and shiny blog. Many of you have been my devout followers for years, and have seen my reluctant approaches to blogging over time. I have been a firm believer that those who can -- do, and those who cannot -- blog about it. The irony of this phrase will become apparent as this blog unfolds, haha! 

    What has finally prompted my jumping off the fence was a statistically amusing event. You may remember my recent #Date_K8 posts. And you may have noticed my interest in heavy analytics (for those of you in my Privy council, my obsession with IG analytics has been known for ages, haha!), but now that I have branched out into other social media, new favourites have come into play. One of them is bit.ly, the ever-loathed link changer but it comes with very fast and simple analytics layout. And, believe it or not, the results of my Date_K8 campaign was the first thing that surprised me, in a year... Why? See below...

    Usually, when one makes a post, on any social media, the distribution of views to likes to clicks is roughly as follows: 9X-3X-X. Which is logical, out of the 9X amount of people that would see a post, a third would like it, and a third of those would click on a link. Now, with the Date_K8 thing, this trend has been reversed: nearly 80% more people clicked on the link than liked the post. Both in post with an image, and the one without. Similar story with IG. And is has become the most clicked link in my collection, too. And the post with highest traction to date. Yet, nearly twice as many people secretly, privately, out of the public eye, clicked on the link than clicked on the like! That showed me that the actual interest in the subject is much higher than it appears in the rear view mirror. We were amused! (Royal ‘We’!)

    Now, those of you who have clicked on the link -- thank you for doing so, by the way -- would have seen that it took you to a certain page on my website, where I touched upon the subject of randomly writing to a Professional Dominatrix, online, usually from across the world about some undying love for her, requesting her to agree to a relationship, and expecting her to answer such baseless query, not just at all, but positively. And that if someone actually were to be serious about a plan to date her, the said someone should book a private tour instead, to begin with...

    Oh, did that offend some people! But actually, overall the feedback was rather positive. Quite a few people thanked me for a laugh, some congratulated me on a fun marketing move -- sex sells, after all, even the faintest chance of it, haha! But I have actually got quite a few legitimate questions, which I plan to gradually address in the running of this blog...

    So, stay tuned! Humour is coming... And if you’d like to discuss the topics raised in a phone chat, you are more than welcome to do this through #Call_K8

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    …is only fatal to cats! I thought I’d share some analytics with you to help explain my sudden writing spree. Below please find a graph of the usual activity, of the week from Mar 22 to Mar 29, then, at night, late on the 2nd of April (I really meant it for the 1st of April, but #dommelife got in the way that day, haha!) I have posted my Date_K8 link, and you can see the comparative difference in the number of hits. And over the weekend, 6th and 7th, is when I started my blog write ups. Do you notice the spike in interest, too?! Today, which is Monday 8th of April lunchtime, this is already better than “before blog” time!The interest is definitely there! Thank you! And now, back to the topic I go…

  • More...