• Texas_Feral_Hogs @TexasFeralHogs

    February 19, 2020, 6:24 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    NEW CONTENT: Unedited video from the back cameras with @DirtyLittleSins of #Texas. This is how the night unfolded here in #Dallas with them. #rugged #Daddy #Submissive #interracial #bbc #mature

    Movie Length: 00:26:44
  • Texas_Feral_Hogs @TexasFeralHogs

    February 19, 2020, 4:28 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    Hog pile on @BrockTylerxxx ! He had 400 pounds of wild pig on him Saturday night. Check out the videos on @BrockTylerxxx great #jff page!

    Movie Length: 00:05:59
  • Texas_Feral_Hogs @TexasFeralHogs

    February 19, 2020, 4:26 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    Check out @BrockTylerxxx getting DP’ed by us! His page is posting all the videos first

    Movie Length: 00:06:09
  • Texas_Feral_Hogs @TexasFeralHogs

    February 19, 2020, 4:24 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    Welp our “dick appointment” we a bear cub bottom has confirmed for tonight. Let’s see if he’s a good as he says. He’s cumin out to the house.

  • Texas_Feral_Hogs @TexasFeralHogs

    February 19, 2020, 3:06 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    Post gym selfie-john is at 205lbs right now.

  • Texas_Feral_Hogs @TexasFeralHogs

    February 19, 2020, 9:32 am (Subscribers) | Report

    Good morning JFF’ers! Thanks for following us and BEING YOU! Remember to try and be something you are not— is to waist the person you are. Marcus has a long day at his W2 job. John is doing 2 hours in the gym. We have a “dick appointment” for tonight- we give in a 1 outta 3 chance he shows up for it. Many flake at the last moment

  • Texas_Feral_Hogs @TexasFeralHogs

    February 19, 2020, 8:46 am (Subscribers) | Report

    When you wake up and your husband has to wonder in a text message to you....”is it me or,...”

  • Texas_Feral_Hogs @TexasFeralHogs

    February 19, 2020, 5:35 am (Subscribers) | Report

    Welp, I think we created a monster with Little C. He’s going to TBRU with us. Those poor Texas Bears! That have no idea what they are in for.

  • Texas_Feral_Hogs @TexasFeralHogs

    February 18, 2020, 9:08 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    A side view of JD destroying John’s ass- unedited. Marcus took over after his 3rd breeding

    Movie Length: 00:09:57
  • Texas_Feral_Hogs @TexasFeralHogs

    February 18, 2020, 8:16 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    We met 5 years ago. In the course of that 5 years- Marcus has gone from, “ I'll have him home at 6!" to "Your son calls him daddy" 😹. He went from “dateless”, video games, smoking, and introvert. To, “I want you to come fuck me Black Bull”, healthy lifestyle, and @JustForFansSite model. Amazing what the power of love can do for a boy- NOW a man.

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