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  • vincenzo sellitto @VincenzoSelXXX

    September 9, 2019, 2:39 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    Bukkake with 4 pornstar in a private club in Milano! Love being a cumdump, I wanna do more like that, any big loads for me??

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Italian cum addicted!!! Cant live without having a cock in my mouth or in my ass. It’s an amazing addiction plus the strong feeling of servicing alpha males that I cannot control. I need to be a better manwhore and whores need to swallow sperm every day if possible No load refused, even ANONYMOUS in darkness or blindfolded, cumdump for single and group, no conversation need, come over use and go.. foot fag and urinal here, how else can I serve you sir? Trainer/shoes cleaner.

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I’ve been one the first Italian guys to expose myself without blur my face, actually showing even my passport and real name, that means I’m a real sex addicted and not a fake one like most of others. Being a true slut is always a moving target. The more Cock I serve, the more I want. The more Cum fucked down my whore throat the more I need.

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