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    July 14, 2020, 3:28 am (Subscribers) | Report

    This is a toke and popperbate session in the woods. It's a medium intensity bait along for ~15 minutes. I cum, and am getting ready to hike on, but realize I am still good to go for another round, so I rub out a second load (with a really intense orgasm). You may notice my pubes are trimmed for this. I never trim my pubes, but @RopeTrainKeep stole my bush the last time I was tied up by him 😶. Lastly, please excuse the bit of poison ivy on my stomach, and the bee sting on my lat; outdoor play comes with some hazards!

    #popperbate #smoking #hairy #jock #jockstrap #poppers #ppbh

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Tell Us About Yourself:

I am Vander Pulaski, best known from I am an adult performer and biologist. After resisting a social media presence for many years, I started this site when I saw the potential for sharing some of my personal fetishes and behind the scenes fun directly with my fans. I have a handful of fetishes that don't or seldom appear on Chaosmen; an incomplete list includes: exhibitionism, public, cruising, piss, sweat, cum, poppers, athletic gear, feet, group, anonymous, outdoor, bondage, humiliation, and being told what to do. I especially enjoy outdoor scenes and love incorporating nature into my media.

What can people expect on your page?

Most of the content will be pictures and video of X-rated self-play and masturbation. I enjoy outdoor and public masturbation, and so far most of my content comprises these types of scenes. I hope to include media with action scenes in the future, however this will be rare for me as I live in a small town. I greatly appreciate the fans who subscribe to my JustFor.Fans; they help me to make creative media through their support and collaboration. Not only does subscribing allow me to produce more new media, I also greatly appreciate all feedback (positive and negative) and will do my best to incorporate fan ideas and suggestions into my scenes. I want to make unique media built around our shared turn-ons while having some fun doing it. So lets get a nut together!

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