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Tell Us About Yourself:

Hey y'all, I'm Ashland. My name come from a combination of some of the most meaningful moments in my life. I attempted suicide in October 2011. After failing in my attempt I decided I could no longer hold my secrets! This led to "Coming Out" of the closet as a gay man, talking about my childhood experiences with sexual abuse and bullying and talking about an engagement that was called off due to the death of Nicole, my fiance. While I was not yet out of the closet in October of 2007 I began working in Gay Nightlife as a Go-Go Dancer names Ashton. I spent one year as Ashton before transitioning into, who some of you may know, GoGoStephen. I worked from December 2008 - June 2018 as GoGoStephen traveling around the world dancing on bars, boxes and stages. From November 2009 - December 2011 GoGoStephen had a Co-Worker names Kandy Land, who was my Drag Persona. Kandy was born to allow me to be myself without having to look at myself or allow anyone to know who was under the wig and makeup. After coming out I hung up my wig because I no longer had to hide behind the reason Kandy was born. So, Ashland, Oregon was the city I lived in when I attempted suicide and Ashton, being the start of my life in Adult work combined with Kand Land being the end of my life in the Closet, is how Ashland was born in June 2018. I opened my profiles on "paid subscription social networks" to allow y'all the opportunity to watch from the beginning, how Ashland grows.I am excited for y'all to take this new journey with me. Welcome Aboard.

What can people expect on your page?

First of all there should be no expectations, those things always lead to disappointment. However, you all can count on me bringing 100% pure, not from concentrate, real and honest content. I am finally living my true self and have nothing left to hide. So, as I grow and learn more about who I am, what I like and what turns me on, you all get front row seats. My purpose is to ultimately take back the power of my sexuality that was taken from me as a six year old boy and learn about the things I like rather than only doing what others like. I will not only become a better partner sexually in this process but I will become a much better man! I hope that this journey allows me the opportunity to help other men who have gone through similar things that I have. Which is why I will be donating 10% of every penny I make to organizations that help men who have suffered childhood sexual abuse. Subscribing to my profile helps me heal, learn and grow and also helps me help others do the same.

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